How to Take Corporate Portraits with One, Two, Three, or Four Lights

Corporate portraits can not only be shot in a number of different ways, but they are often required to be shot in different ways by your clients. Here are four different lighting setups, depending on how many lights you want to use.

I have shot, quite literally, thousands of corporate headshots. I've always loved portraiture, so I expected to not enjoy corporate shoots as they'd be too "dry" creatively speaking, but that ended up not being the case; I thoroughly enjoy them. There is something satisfying about developing a style of headshot for a company, and then recreating it over and over again. Consistency is one of the most difficult aspects of any skill, and corporate headshots — particularly for large companies — require it absolutely.

In this video, wedding and portrait photographer, Jiggie Alejandrino, goes through different options depending on how many lights you have or want to use. I love the low-key look to corporate portraits but I haven't had many opportunities to shoot them as many like the clean white background. With a mid-gray backdrop, the options you have for lighting increase as you can add a more obvious separation between subject and backdrop.

How do you shoot corporate headshots? How many lights do you use?

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He is a bit old for that t-shirt that is something only men with Peter Pan syndrome buy.

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You know, some of us old farts are younger than the newbies. Don't mistake experience and world experience as a reason not to wear what we want.

The second the younger generation stop wearing their trousers around their knees, we old'uns might listen to their "fashion" advice. :)

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Haha. The same anti baggy pants gripe was similar to parents telling kids to not wear farmer's pants, or jeans out in public like poor people.

Do you wear jeans? ;)

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KAWS, the designer is 45.

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When someone is good at their job, they make it look effortless. An excellent tutorial.

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What if you have 5 lights?...

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Then you have one spare... :)