Joker Inspired Fan Film Is Both Terrifying and Beautiful

Suicide Squad opened in theaters this month and pulled in a staggering $133 million while managing to barely break a 25% critical score on the much-lauded review site Rotten Tomatoes. What this seems to mean is that when it comes to the comic-book-born heroes and villains of our youth, we'll show up in droves even if we've been warned. 

It's a good thing for filmmakers the Hallvis Brothers, whose Joker-inspired, NSFW short "The Laughing Man" has racked up 1.3 million views on YouTube and has some people arguing its 20-minute take on Batman's favorite nemesis is better than what director David Ayer dished out for Suicide Squad.



That's the battle raging in the comments section for sure. You all love comments sections, right?

In any case, "The Laughing Man" is a must-watch for any fanboy who happens upon it, any horror geek looking to be creeped out, and anyone into lighting or cinema who'd like to gawk some excellent indie production value in action.

The tone of the Hallvis Brothers ode to the clown prince of crime is darker than any recent cinematic adaptation. The lighting, color grading, and sound design are all spot-on to sell the vibe. It's eye-candy, to be sure. Furthermore it is a great example of the power of what fans with prowess are capable of doing with one of our favorite characters to ever reach fame in the form of sequential art.

Whose Joker is better? Let us know below.

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$1.33 million? I believe you meant $133 million opening weekend for Suicide Squad.

I haven't see yet the suicide squad movie and I never trusth rotten tomatos IMDB is a more balance score to my liking, but this one is a great one, capturing one side of the Joker not flawless but for a fan film it was amazing, you should check out the theory of the 3 Jokers on the DC film universe explains why it is so mix in the reviews