New Lightroom Presets from Former Co-Founder of VSCO

New Lightroom Presets from Former Co-Founder of VSCO

If you’ve been a fan of VSCO’s Lightroom presets, one of the company’s original co-founders has branched out and is releasing his own pack of presets, each of which automatically detects your camera type and color temperature.

With VSCO ending their Film presets as of March 1, Sean Flanigan of A Fist Full of Bolts seems intent on going some way to fill the resulting void, presenting a selection of three color and two black and white presets. There are also four fade tools to give an even more distinctive feel or take the edge off high contrast scenes. With two custom profiles for every camera, Flanigan is keen to create a better level of consistency and professionalism when it comes to Lightroom presets.

A Fistful of Bolts Lightroom Presets

The intention is not to create an extensive range of presets to replicate various film stock, but instead to produce Lightroom presets that give a level of control not typically seen before. As Flanigan notes, "they aren’t heavy-handed like a lot of presets." He said, "They work quite opposite where you may want to dial in contrast, saturation, blacks, et cetera, rather than dial it back. It’s just a different way to work."

A Fistful of Bolts Lightroom Presets

Unlike the vast majority of presets, installing the software from A Fistful of Bolts allows it to act as a profile in Lightroom.

I've been enjoying playing with the presets over the last week. Like many Lightroom presets, their suitability really depends on the image being editing with these presets lending themselves particularly well to certain color palettes.

A Fistful of Bolts Lightroom Presets

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Lightroom presets from a Fistful of Bolts

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The pack is available for purchase as of March 1 and you can find information and more sample images at the AFFOB website.

Lead image courtesy of A Fist Full of Bolts.

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Dylan Howell's picture

Have been watching the live editing with these and they look rad. Can't wait to try them out.

michaeljin's picture

"they aren’t heavy-handed like a lot of presets."

The examples look rather heavy-handed to me...

How can you be an “original” or “former“ co-founder of a company? A company is founded once, and either you co-founded it or you didn’t...

Motti Bembaron's picture

Five presets for $99.00....not too shabby, eh?

99$ is not that bad..

Motti Bembaron's picture

Well then, we obviously have different views on the value of those digital shortcuts. Fair enough.

Wonder Woman's picture

What the f*** is this s***

Chip Kalback's picture

Ha! Love the nod to DESCENDENTS with the preset names, etc. Nice looks too.