What's New in the Latest Lightroom 7.5 Update

Small-scale software updates at a high frequency are the new normal. With that being said, naturally, it’s easy to overlook some of the changes that come with each rapid-fire update. Take a few minutes to familiarize with what’s been updated in Lightroom Classic CC version 7.5.

In this the latest update to Lightroom, Adobe has placed some attention on the presentation of presets. Love or hate them, presets are a huge focus for many existing desktop and mobile Lightroom users.

Those of you who feel the need to order or arrange items to your liking will enjoy the latest update of the preset panel. Now, they are set up in a more logical way, borrowing from what Lightroom expert Kloskowski terms in his video as "clusters," which themselves were just recently introduced a few months back in an update to the profiles panel. Keeping this design language uniform is a good call on Adobe’s part. As fairly modest of a design change as this is, it does help to add some organization to what was before basically just a vertical list of preset titles with little to break them up. Combining that with the built-in ability to easily manage and hide the presets that appear within Lightroom makes this worthwhile.

Other improvements include importing of presets, new book styles, Facebook publish service changes, and more, which are covered by Kloskowski in his video above.

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Tam Nguyen's picture

So it's a bullshit update that could potentially crash your system. No thanks, I'll sit this one out and see you guys on the next one.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

I find ability to remove crappy Adobe presets from the list quite useful. Something I’d love to do from version 2, probably.

Tyler Thomas's picture

I totally agree, the built in Adobe presents have driven me so crazy that I tried to modify the application. I was in there deleting references to it in random places... so glad you can get rid of them now!

g coll's picture

Lightroom should be completely modular. When you first install it you should be able to choose between preset layouts or a blank canvas. With the blank canvas you can customise the entire layout of the gui, place panels where you want, hide anything you don't use effectively designing the program to work for you and your workflow. Once setup and using the program you should be able to freely drag and drop everything if you feel the need to. If I had any clout at Adobe this is what I would be pushing for.

Emmanuel Vivier's picture

I love Lightroom but for this level of custo, have a look at Capture one

ryan hirschberg's picture

Once capture one adds a history panel like Lightroom, I am all over it.

John Skinner's picture

I'm totally shocked when I walk into media rooms and still see people using this ham-handed brush bloat-ware.

They had a nice idea working for idiots that needed catalogs and friendly GUI. But it's just gone on way too long now. And they're trying to get people to take this program seriously.

It's no coincidence they've bundled Ps AND Lr in the same sub package.

Vincent Alongi's picture

I’m not a fan of the way it drags... otherwise for my purposes it seems to fit my needs. John, what are you using?