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Tips for Reducing Event Day Anxiety

Experiencing bouts of anxiety when working fast paced events like a wedding is quite commonplace, clearly there is a lot riding on you the photographer. Truthfully a lot of that stress, we tend to create for ourselves. Let me explain how with thoughtful preparation ahead of time, I minimize to an extent those periods of uneasiness.

Easily Replace a Bland Sky in Adobe Photoshop

One of the more common areas to apply a bit of photo composite work is of course in the sky. Often, Mother Nature will opt to ignore our photographic needs. The good news is you can overcome this with a little help from Photoshop.

Photography Podcasts Are an Insightful Journey: Part Two

In late 2017 I shared the photography podcasts that constituted my listening rotation. Thanks in part to our awesome community, 2018 has been even more insightful with these updated podcast additions.

What's New in the Latest Lightroom 7.5 Update

Small-scale software updates at a high frequency are the new normal. With that being said, naturally, it’s easy to overlook some of the changes that come with each rapid-fire update. Take a few minutes to familiarize with what’s been updated in Lightroom Classic CC version 7.5.

Why I Chose Third Party Speedlights Over the Name Brands

Name brand speedlights — like a lot of things in photography — are absurdly priced, and although they carry the big brand names, they also lack in a number of key areas versus the lower cost, third party alternatives. Take a look at my reasoning for steering clear of the big camera manufactures brand speedlights.

Simple Technique to Enhance the Eyes Using Selective Adjustments in Lightroom

A retouch of the eyes is on every portrait photographer's image editing to-do list. This important alteration is also one of the easiest adjustments to spot when unintentionally overdone. See how this Lightroom-specific technique will help bring out that shine in your subjects eyes, without pushing things too far.

Offer Clients a Modern Photo Delivery Option

If you are a photographer who is utilizing physical DVDs, USB drives, or even digital solutions like Dropbox to deliver client images, then take note as there is another way.

Speed Up Lightroom With These Five Tips

Are you in the market for a faster Lightroom? If so then today must be your lucky day. Here are some under the hood suggestions to achieve just that.

Simple Lightroom Tools to Enhance Your Photos

For many of us, gaining a stronger understanding of Lightroom's basic editing tools is always welcome. Learn how to develop your photos with the power of Lightroom’s built-in sliders.

How to Make a Great Impression With Prospective Clients

Take a look back at some recent client work of yours, and simply ask the following question: Did I bring to the table a deep and thoughtful understanding of my clients' photography wants, and needs? Or did I instead find myself photographing based only on my own personal needs as a photographer?

Avoid Long Editing Hours With Adobe Lightroom CC’s Effective Mobile App

When Lightroom mobile was initially released a few years back, I, like many Adobe users at that time, was curious, and found myself finger tapping all the way to my phone's respective App Store to download it. After that addition to my phone was made, the once fresh home screen icon for a long time sat irrelevant, and relegated to the end of the bench, placed inside of a seldom seen, far lateral, home screen folder.