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Simple Lightroom Tools to Enhance Your Photos

For many of us, gaining a stronger understanding of Lightroom's basic editing tools is always welcome. Learn how to develop your photos with the power of Lightroom’s built-in sliders.

Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, Tyler Stalman provides us a walkthrough, highlighting some of the more powerful everyday adjustment tools available in Adobe Lighrooom Classic CC. Shown in the video are high-traffic areas that especially new photographers have a tendency to commonly get tripped up on. Stalman starts off logically, right at the very top of the editing panel, adjusting his image's overall color balance, and for good reason. Getting the correct feel for the white balance first will cement the tone for the rest of the edit to follow. If this very important aspect of the photo is passed over, the resulting image will certainly suffer.

Outside of color temperature adjustments, methods for correcting exposure to taste are also highlighted. The majority of photos taken in one’s photography career will require some level of adjustment in this area. It’s important to take note of the power of the shadow and highlight sliders and the impact they bring to the feel of the photo versus simply cranking the overall exposure slider up or down.

Check out the full video to see these as well the additional Lightroom tools used to enhance one’s photos.

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Derrick is a portrait photographer based out of Southeastern, Pa. All in on all things photography related, but his main passion being the photographic capture of us humans via ongoing portraiture work.

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Simple tools but in proper hands yield great results, great video. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks for showcasing this video, since there are countless videos on LR editing, the "how" to but very few on "what" and "why" when it comes to editing. This video doesn't go into detail of that but enough that I find very useful.