Photography Podcasts Are an Insightful Journey: Part Two

Photography Podcasts Are an Insightful Journey: Part Two

In late 2017 I shared the photography podcasts that constituted my listening rotation. Thanks in part to our awesome community, 2018 has been even more insightful with these updated podcast additions.

I am on record stating background audio has the upmost importance to me as a creative who spends many tedious hours in front of a computer. And with that being said podcasts have filled in perfectly for my needs as background entertainment. If you missed part one, I would advise you check back on my earlier recommendations here, along with the many gems that were suggested in the comments section. Now without further ado, my 2018 podcast update.

The Six Figure Photography Podcast

Are you interested in one day running a six figure photography business? This is a fantastic place to start. I have to give kudos to Fstoppers community member Lenny Ruffin for his recommendation of the Six Figure Photography podcast station. Since that day this show has been a staple in my podcast diet. I make certain to fit this podcast in, no matter how busy of a week I am experiencing. Host Ben Hartley enthusiastically heads up the show featuring his rich in value, well curated, insightful interviews. Hartley pulls from an eclectic lineup of guests; some of his best interviews to date having even been from those outside of the photography industry. These episodes really do add genuine value to you as both a photographer and entrepreneur. A must listen.

The Business of Photography Podcast

The Business of Photography is a weekly updated podcast headed by Sprout Studio co-founders Bryan Caporicci & Rob Nowell. Again the theme here is business centric, as they share their own stories and points of view, as well interview a diverse cast of industry experts, and specialists in their respective business realms. The concept of this show is to supply the many talented photographers out there who struggle based solely on their business acumen the knowledge, and tools necessary to position for better success. Speaking of tools for the job their own Sprout Studio is the primary sponsor for the show, and looks to be a great option if organization of your business operations is paramount.

Typically I'll have a podcast playing when editing on the big screen monitor, or in this case even the iPad Pro.

Portrait Session: A Show for Portrait Photographers

Although technically this show has been around for a while, the co-hosts of Portrait Session, Erica Coffman and Conner Hibbs just recently put a lid on their first official twelve episode season. I thoroughly enjoyed their targeted content, which broke down a new topic each episode highlighting the nuts and bolts behind how to get a photography business off the ground in steps, from the ground floor. Also like the rest they feature a weekly guest, but with a bit of a different spin. In the segment titled sticking points they offer a one-on-one mentoring session to help move the guest photographer past the common industry roadblocks, which amounts to valuable listening insight for us all to take in. I recommend listening from the start of season one.

The Stalman Podcast

I featured Tyler’s last podcast, cameras or whatever nearly a year ago in part one. Since then Stalman has focused his attention on a new podcast that offers much of what I enjoyed about the original, but with slightly less overall emphasis on the photography industry. I assure you though as Stalman is indeed a working photographer, that there is still a good bit of photography chatter to be found within these episodes. And the good news is the station is updated more frequently than cameras or whatever, keeping the content pipeline fresh. Most of us here also love technology, gear and movie culture, so for me, and many of you it fits, and is just too good to leave off the list.

Just like after part one, I am hoping for suggestions on some more great podcasts to add to the rotation, so please share your station picks in the comments below!

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Derrick is a portrait photographer based out of Southeastern, Pa. All in on all things photography related, but his main passion being the photographic capture of us humans via ongoing portraiture work.

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I think this is a great list, I listen to them all. Another business focused podcast is run by Andrew Hellmich called PhotobizXposed. <-- This is an affiliate link which will get bonus free trial time on the podcast, which I find outstanding. The podcast guests give it all from pricing to marketing strategies, setbacks they've faced and the secret facebook group is amazing. You can also try the free podcast with a bit less content and no facebook group but it's sure to hook you. PM me on facebook if you want me to recommend some good episodes.

If you shoot real estate, Shooting Spaces is an invaluable podcast.

I do low key shoot real estate so this is fantastic, just subscribed Colin, thanks!

One of my favorite and more gear related podcasts is the PetaPixel podcast. For beginners there's a great podcast called 'So you want to be a photographer' starring Gina Milicia. This one took a few episodes to grow on me, now I love it, mostly for Gina's personality and experience. Another great podcast is the Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner at the Social Media Examiner. This is great for anybody with an online presence whether a business or just a photographer who wants to become better known.

Thanks for the suggestions Mark. I enjoy Gina's personality as well, almost made my list.

I would love to suggest my Photography Podcast "That's the Angle."

It is more entertainment driven and i interview photographers and people connected to the photography industry. It has been doubling in listens every month

I'll give it a listen for sure Bruce, starting with your instagram feed episode. Thanks for sharing!

I really miss the On Taking Pictures podcast. Bill and Jeffery wrapped it up last summer after 6 years and 325 episodes. Less about gear and more about creative inspiration and angst.

That was a good one! It was like hanging out with a couple of buddies every week.