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Photography Podcasts Are an Insightful Journey

Photography Podcasts Are an Insightful Journey

Finding background entertainment is so important when you are by nature a creative who spends many long and secluded hours in front of a computer. We live in an intensely visual world, and within that space, I find it incredibly refreshing absorbing audio Podcasts in the background as I work. 

Besides the entertainment aspect, I also appreciate the insight and education that is gained simply from listening. The price of admission is basically free to jump in and get your collection rolling. As long as you have a relatively modern mobile phone, tablet, computer, or even smart tv you are basically good to go. Really it could not be any easier to take advantage of this and there are definitely some gems that really double down on photography culture. These all add up to the effect that it’s a joy getting a notification that a new episode is ready to stream for some listening pleasure. 

Below a few show examples you will always find synced up on my devices. These are great if your a podcast fan to slot into your existing library, or get you started if podcasts up to this point haven’t nudged your radar. 

A Few Show Samples

B&H Photography Podcast
Hosted by Allan Weitz, as you would guess this being a podcast from the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States, is a show that a good amount of the time highlights photographers favorite topics, industry news, and gear! It is enjoyable listening about photography and video from the retail giant’s perspective. Curious to know how those Sony a7R III versus Nikon D850 sales are stacking up, you'll find that kind of info here. 

The RGG.EDU Podcast 
Co-hosted by Rob Grimm and Gary Martin. If you enjoy fun and entertaining interviews with some of the giants in the photography industry then this is definite listen for you. These are not stoic interviews, Rob and Gary keep it loose and you really come away from the listen with some insight on the guest, takeaways from their industry journey, and a good feel for them as people. Consistently the highest entertainment value I get from a podcast is from these guys. 

Hosted by Tyler Stalman, as he terms it is “the podcast for the working photographer;” this is a quality listen. These are generally laid back episodes, sharing some intelligent and insightful conversation around honest stories that you can learn from to help you elevate your photography game.

Picture This: Photography Podcast 
Co-Hosted by Chelsea and Tony Northrup, what I enjoy about this show in particular especially early on, Chelsea and Tony set this up as a historical rundown of photography, some of the famous names like David LaChapelle and Ansel Adams and the history of the most iconic images and largest camera brands backstories are all here. It is time well spent to know a bit of what shaped the industry leading up to where we stand today.

These are but a few samples of what is available out there, I'm always on the hunt for additional quality podcasts so I’d love to hear what shows currently reside over your background airwaves while you edit your next masterpiece! 

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Derrick is a portrait photographer based out of Southeastern, Pa. All in on all things photography related, but his main passion being the photographic capture of us humans via ongoing portraiture work.

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I am a big fan of PhotoBomb Podcast because its a little bit of photography mixed with a lot of 'life' ... some episodes are very Q&A photo heavy, but some are more "so this is whats happening that is effecting my business". Its very much like a radio show in a refreshing way.

The other one that I just got turned on to (by a mention of it on Photobomb actually) is Off Camera with Sam Jone... I LOVE this podcast. Its a photographer interviewing his portrait subjects. Oh and his subjects are pretty much all celebrities with good advice, insights, stories... what more can you ask for?

These are awesome suggestions Andrew, subscribed to both, thanks!

Most of the first season of RGG.EDU podcast I didn't find helpful. But at the end of season 1 and continuing on, they hit their stride and do well.

Another podcast to get is The Candid Frame. Ibarionex Perello is great at interviewing, with deep subject knowledge, and has the kind of voice that I would listen to even if he read out the phone book.

Thank you Galmo, subbed The Candid Frame. Just the kind of insightful based podcast I like!

Be sure to check his archive too. It goes back a long ways, and he's done some pretty awesome interviews. The Mary Ellen Mark (#194) episode is probably my personal favorite.

Tips from the Top Floor.
Theeelongestrunningphotographypodcastonn.. the planet.

Added to the list Chris, thanks! Not enough hours in a day.

Six Figure Photography is one I enjoy. It breaks down how to run a profitable photography business.

Perfect, thanks Lenzy!

"The landscape photography podcast" hosted by Nick Page comes highly recommended :)

Ha good call, I may have to edit his into the story quick!

I enjoy Six Figure Photography, The Epic Podcast, and Sprouting Photographer. There was another one that I loved too, but my podcasts got deleted for some reason and I can’t remember the name. It was a couple of girls who always talked about the business of photography.

My personal favorites:

On Taking Pictures
The Candid Frame
Process Driven
The Creative Bar

All 4 tend to focus more on creative process type discussions, and (with the exception of OTP) are done in an interview type format with the host conducting an interview with a different photographer (or artist) in each episode.

Andrew Helmich's PhotoBizX is another great photography business podcast. It's mostly aimed at portrait and wedding photographers but there's a lot of great SEO content as well. It's $20 a month for the premium membership and comes with a lot of discounts from the various guests/business professionals. There're also free versions of each episode where Andrew cuts out part of the podcast.

Gary Hughes of PhotoBomb has a new podcast called Garage Brand. It's focus is also business.

Thanks Derrick for listing the B&H Photography Podcast, we’re so pleased to be mentioned with these other great shows, but want to note that in addition to talking gear, we cover a wide range of photo topics, including interviews with legendary rock and hip-hop photographers,bird photographers, a Hubble telescope imaging expert, an NYPD crime-scene unit photographer and a serial segment with a conflict photographer based in Africa. Within these conversations one can find not only information on gear and technique but insight into the photographic and artistic process for a variety of styles. Our upcoming “best-of the year” episode will give a sense of the broad range of topics we cover. Also, in addition to the podcasts mentioned above, I’d like to throw into the listening mix the PetaPixel Photo Podcast with Sharky James and the Improve Photography Podcast.