How to Make a Great Impression With Prospective Clients

Take a look back at some recent client work of yours, and simply ask the following question: Did I bring to the table a deep and thoughtful understanding of my clients' photography wants, and needs? Or did I instead find myself photographing based only on my own personal needs as a photographer?

Ben Hartley, maestro of the Six Figure Photography realm presents to us this topic, and dives into detail on a recent episode of his Hart to Heart series. As an entrepreneur this really is an important conversation to have with yourself. How far do we push into what we actually know about our clients universal needs prior to a shoot taking place? 

If it’s a prospective client are we just hyper focused on showing off our work, and detailing blindly the reasons why they should choose us, neglecting to investigate their side of the story. Every person who takes the time to contact a photographer will have a reason for doing so. It is our job to unearth what that reason is. Before you jump into a sales pitch detailing your strengths, remember to first slow down, and allow for a natural conversation, unearthing their wants. This will lead to a clear understanding of the client. At this point of comprehension you can properly match your strengths as a photographer to the needs of the consumer, offering you a much better chance at not only landing the work, but also when the time comes exceeding all expectations.

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Derrick is a portrait photographer based out of Southeastern, Pa. All in on all things photography related, but his main passion being the photographic capture of us humans via ongoing portraiture work.

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Hi Derrick! I am the content creator for Ben!
We just produced another video that goes hand in hand with this one :)

Awesome, thank you (Ben/Maykell) for dropping off this follow up video! You guys are the real deal, keep it up!