Speed Up Lightroom With These Five Tips

Are you in the market for a faster Lightroom? If so then today must be your lucky day. Here are some under the hood suggestions to achieve just that.

While I personally do not take umbrage with the agility of Lightroom overall, it certainly can’t be argued that many vocal photographers out there simply do. Adobe’s watchful eye is surely locked in on any existing pain points, and behind the scenes they are actively improving on software performance. With that said it never hurts to put yourself into position to know the small setting adjustments that gain more performance out of the existing program.

That’s where long running Lightroom savant Matt Kloskowski steps into frame. Kloskowski wants to make sure all of you beautiful human beings are squeezing every last drop of performance out of Lightroom, in his five outlined steps. Now raise your hand if you have ever in Lightroom, culled an entire wedding day worth of images. OK you with your hand up, this might be the tip for you. When importing photos select Embedded & Sidecar from the build previews drop down. While on the front end the photos take just a bit more time to import, by selecting this option you can now fly through image viewing within the Library module. It’s wonderful to not be bound by sluggish rendering when you are pressed to fly through an image selection process.

Also one of Kloskowski's extremely useful bonus tips is to visit Adobe’s own Lightroom performance optimization page. Yes you guessed it, there you will find Adobe’s own in house best practices for optimizing performance. Check out these tips, and more in Kloskowski's helpful Lightroom video. 

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Rick McEvoy's picture

There is a Lightroom Performance Optimisation page? THank you so much for this one single thing that I did not know.

With regards from England