A First Look at Godox's Latest Profoto Alternative

Godox is back at it again, this time offering Photokina a sneak preview of a soon-to-be released portable round head speedlight, offering a direct competitor to the Profoto A1.

Robert Hall unpacked some exciting early details in his first look at Godox’s newest Profoto alternative. While there is still no official name for this flash, it is expected to come out of the prototype stage and be released relatively soon with Godox targeting a late 2018 release.

This early preview shows off a versatile speedlight-size body, similar to the existing V860II, but with the addition of the more powerful round head. In Hall’s findings, he uncovers some big news, with Godox relaying to him that the performance they are seeing when metered is even more powerful than the existing Profoto A1. This is not exactly surprising news, with Godox routinely managing to eclipse the power of the more expensive Profoto lighting alternatives. Nonetheless, it's good to hear for any photographers interested in the A1's design but at a lower cost. 

In addition to the increase in power is news that this light will also utilize the recently announced H200R proprietary magnetic round light modifiers that were first made available for the AD200. All in all, this is really shaping up to be a fantastic system for all types of photographers in need of off-camera flash options.

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David Stephen Kalonick's picture

First look at an​ unfinished product. lol

Francisco Hernandez's picture

Do you not understand the concept of a prototype?

Bert Nase's picture


Francisco Hernandez's picture

Profoto had a year to give Sony users the option of using the A1 on camera with HSS and TTL. Godox will most likely have it available within 3 months after this new speedlite comes out.

Dan Howell's picture

great. let's praise their innovation.

Dan Howell's picture


Motti Bembaron's picture

Yes, we got it.

Bert Nase's picture

Oh boy! Godox is just waiting to copy ready products.

Juan carlos Chu Zhang's picture

indeed, cant wait for the godox version

Felix Wu's picture

Profoto will really struggle to compete against Godox on these lower end speed light/ocf market...not on specs, not on price, not on product development but perhaps on flashier industrial design.

Godox is doing really well but I hope they will make more original products instead of copying designs from other manufacturers

Brian Stricker's picture

You mean by coming out with a product like the AD200?

Alexander Petrenko's picture

What’s so flashy in Godox design?

Felix Wu's picture

Haha I mean the only edge Profoto still currently has is on industrial design and the fancier interface. Godox will easily catch up and exceed in specs and value for money aspects.

olivier borgognon's picture

Want to see the mastermind plot ?

Imagine... just imagine for 1 second that Godox is actually a subsidiary brand of Profoto, creating similar products, and pushing both brands to a higher level, That would be a mastermind plan citizen Kane style ! :D

Spy Black's picture

Actually, when it's all said and done, Godox will own Profoto...

olivier borgognon's picture

You don't become a leader by making copies of a product, you become a leader by creating a new reality. At this stage, Godox is not there, but they are a great competitor, which helps innovation and technology, and that is essential.

olivier borgognon's picture

Francisco Hernandez I don't really understand your thumbs down to be honest, am surprised that it comes from you :)

I firmly believe that godox has great products, i'm really not saying they are not good. They have not YET driven innovation and created a "revolution" in the market, and they drive all the others to push to create new things, out of the box, and I firmly believe that they could become leaders on a certain niche of the market with the right product.

And I do stand my ground by saying that if you copy (and not steal like an artist as Austin Kleon would say) you don't become a leader, you follow a pack and a same path.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

Check out Robert Hall's comment.

olivier borgognon's picture

yup... to be honest i'm not in the "brand wars". I find it really interesting to see what engineers can come up with, they are brilliant, and R&D Departments fascinate me. To me, the AD200 is revolutionary and they were innovators, never did anyone come out with something like that, surfing on it could make Godox so much better. This new strobe is unexpectedly non revolutionary... and they could have hit way better than that IMHO.

should I thumb down everything you say here because I disagree ? oh well, nope, will raise my argumentation, hopefully you will too, you're too bright for a thumbs down Francisco IMHO :)

Robert Hall's picture

Regarding the “copying” that so many like to claim.

Profoto created a demand for round speedlights. Godox is now entering the market to serve that demand.

Just like Magmod created a demand for small, magnetic, modifiers...which Profoto entered the market to serve that demand.

Just like Godox created a demand for mid-powered, cable free portable lights with the AD200. Profoto now has the A1 and B10.

So please tell me why every time Profoto utilizes another brand’s success to improve their products it’s innovation, but every time Godox does, it’s copying?

Dima S's picture

Rob, I just can’t believe you would even review a product that doesn’t even have 2 SD card slots.

Tainon2 Photo's picture

Rob, is the flash head on the Godox the same size or diameter as the Profoto A1?

Dan Howell's picture

wait, are you implying that the B10 was born out of imitation of the AD200? Really? I guess you are discounting the linear development and innovation Profoto has had from the 7b through the B1 and B2 to the B10? I honestly don't think that the B10 is more of a response to Godox than it is a response to their own capabilities and product line.

Motti Bembaron's picture

The A1 was a direct competition to the AD200. Profoto called it "The world's smallest strobe". It was dumb and childish calling a strobe because it is not, it is a speedlight (a $1000 speedlight). However, that came shortly after the AD200.

When they realized that even their clients buy the AD200's because of it's compact form, great performance and great battery life, they had to come up with something to give their clients.

The thing is, I just can't see any serious professional says: "Oh thank God, I can now sell my $300 strobe and buy a $1000 speedlight to replace it :-)

Motti Bembaron's picture

Well said Rob

dred lew's picture

It may not always be the case but most of the time it is indeed copying. It's part of the Chinese culture, even seen as a way of admiration. It's also very easy for them to do because most of these items are manufactured in China. The same factory that produces the "high end" brand name product can very easily turn around and manufacture the same product with very slight modifications and without the brand name. It's the same quality product, the only real differentiation is the brand name. The name alone is what commands most of the markup. Of course, that brand would hopefully also provide adequate service and support for the product but that is not always the case either. In that sense, it does indeed sometimes make more sense to buy the no-name Chinese brand because you won't get service either way but at least it's cheaper.

Hooman Mesri's picture

Rob, its just the origin. Lets just say, choose an Arabic name and put a shiny tag Made in Switzerland and put high price tag on it. Don't forget not to make too many, just 100 unit is enough. Trust me its going to be most amazing, genius product ever made.

Unfortunately that's the way it is. It has to be so expensive not many people can buy it.

Dima S's picture

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it when they’re done !!

Robert Altman's picture

I think it is funny that people have 'bought' the Profoto nonesense that somehow the round head makes such a difference!! Once you are any reasonable distance away from such a small head- and place any sort of modifier on it- or bounce your flash-the head shape will be meaningless! Profoto seems to be better at marketing than physics.

Profoto makes solid products (I love my D1's) - and I love my Godox units (the AD-200 is brilliant) - and I understand why Godox feels the need to match the Profoto 'look' - might as well take advantage of the marketing that's already out there!! Just don't be fooled as a consumer....

Jason Smith's picture

I thought the same thing then got a chance to use the round head for the AD200, I would never use the speedlight head bare, but do use the round head now as my primary on location light setup without a modifier.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I would never not use a modifier unless I need every bit of light from the flash and that is rare. I do not have the round head and might buy it but cannot see the advantage. I use barebulb in a softbox.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

Jeff McCollough, just gonna keep downvoting all my comments for no reason? Cool.

Deleted Account's picture

You downvote a lot. Just curious what your criteria is!?

Francisco Hernandez's picture

I'm speaking about Jeff specifically. He is bitter I removed him from my lighting group on Facebook I think more than a year ago and still can't get over that so he dislikes my videos, downvotes my posts on Fstoppers for no reason, and probably does more. It's kinda odd.

Deleted Account's picture

I realized that. I ask because if I agree with someone, but have nothing to add, I upvote. If I disagree, I reply with my reasons. The only time I downvote is if someone is rude or whatever. So, I'm always curious what other people's criteria is.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

If I disagree, I downvote. That's it.

Deleted Account's picture

But without saying why. That seems dismissive to me.

olivier borgognon's picture

Tend to agree with you Deleted User I can only find the "dislike = downvote" non constructive (and it has deeper implications on the comments of the given user for algorithms sake on a website).

it's like saying "i don't like what you say" ! it lacks interesting and constructive argumentation based on some sort of element of discussion.

Deleted Account's picture

So were you being dismissive or merely disagreeing? ;-)

Francisco Hernandez's picture

Not sure how else to say this.

Deleted Account's picture

I was kidding. That's why I added the winking, smiley face. ;-) <- See?

MR Shadow's picture

GUYS...GUYS!!! What the frak are you ranting about copying designs etc. Who gives a flying crap. I don`t care if they copy or steal designs, it`s between those corporations. I care that they give me chance to do my photography without needing a small fortune loan application from a fraking bank. Not everyone has 5K in their pockets to buy pair of lights