Apple Accidentally Leaked the iPhone 8

Even though Apple had claimed to have doubled down on the secrecy of their products it seems they made one major oversight. One iOS developer has dug into the readily available firmware for its yet to be launched HomePod and found some confirmations of what the iPhone 8 will be like.

As we get ever closer to the possible release of the new iPhone 8 the number of theories surrounding this special 10th-anniversary edition seems to grow by the day. This time the speculation doesn't come from an ex-employee or some tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but actually from Apple itself. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has found a whole host of revealing information regarding the phone while exploring the firmware for Apples new HomePod which isn't due out until December this year.

The first notable discovery in the iOS 11.0.2 HomePod firmware was a glyph icon which appears to represent an iPhone that looks much like the rumored iPhone 8. It features a full-front display with a notch cut out at the top for the earpiece and sensors. If this turns out to be correct this could actually be the first guaranteed look what the next Apple phone will be like.

What I find interesting from a photographic point of view is the big news that a facial recognition system will be playing a part in the phone. Troughton-Smith has found several references in the code relating to face detect and infrared capture in the BiometricKit. This does suggest the previously rumored infrared sensors on the front of the iPhone will actually be involved in capturing images for authentication. Other phrases found include "Too Close To Camera," "Flare," Multiple Faces," as well as a reference to depth sensing features. This could potentially suggest that if the technology is also going to be used for the regular cameras then the way the smartphone takes pictures could be getting a whole lot smarter. It would make a lot of sense if the infrared sensors were not only used to help capture faces in low light for security reasons but also to help the phone take better pictures. The fan of the late night selfie may have a lot to be looking forward to.

Be sure to check out the video for a full breakdown of all the discoveries which were found.

[via Macrumors]

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Your title is disingenuous

how so?

A lot of news sources are using this language because most leaks are coming from china. This leak came from apples own code. Seems fair to me.

News Alert: FS defends FS's clickbait.

The iPhone 8 was not leaked. Some source code that points heavily to upcoming features are revealed.This wasn't an accident per se, but the nature of unified code. This is not the first time somebody looked at early builds to guess future possibilities. Case in point: the iPad.

So yes, it's click bait.

What is correct and which is clickbait?
"Possible iPhone 8 Features Deduced from Code"
"Apple Accidentally Leaked the iPhone 8"

That said, the world didn't end. :D

Yeah, its super click bait,

I'm digging the new design a lot. It finally feels like a big step forward. I hope they can surprise us with some sort of amazing wireless charging. I'm still really bummed out by the headphone jack though!

It's crazy to think how long other brands of smart phone have had wireless charging and Apple haven't!

I agree on the wireless charging, the headphone jack I don't mind, it's an ancient type of plug, time to modernize with something more capable, like lighting :)

Good point Bill, as long as I can use any set headphones I like and the adapters aren't too cumbersome, I don't care which hole it is!

It does feel like Apple's decision to remove the jack was in part to encourage people to buy THEIR wireless headphones...

Unless all headphones switch to lightning then it's a silly move imo. Apples own computers don't have that jack. No audio receiver will have that jack either. Plus, charging your phone while listening to music isnt ancient. At least I hope it's not.

Charging your phone while listening to music is really the key there. That, is the cumbersome part currently. Which is why I am really hoping for wireless charging.

I believe the old style mini headphone jack is not waterproof-able, and that as another reason, as they will likely be headed down that road as well with this release (also welcomed IMO)

Although my truck has Apple CarPlay, so plugging the lightning cable in gives me music, audiobooks and charging simultaneously.

That's a really good point Lee, the fact Apple computers have not shown any signs of adopting the lightning port for that use prob means they won't either.

Maybe if the iPhone 8 switches to wireless charging then the lightning port is free for audio at the same time?

Apple wants us to do audio wireless but why not charging?!

I just got an iPhone 7 Plus and yes, the absence of the headphone jack is a bit of an annoyance, but I can see that the ecosystem will evolve around this new way of doing things. That's what Apple does. They lead, others catch up and play around what they are doing. Mostly.

When Airplay came out the only products that supported it were Apple TV and Airports. Now it's used widely in a bunch of top end audio products including B&W (the Zeppelin Air is a good example).

Give it time.

I agree that Apple leads the way for many new technologies but I can't get behind removing features as a "new technology". I was recently at an apple store complaining about the new dongle book and the rep said "well apple is just ahead of the curve and soon everything will be USB C. To an extent that is true but I highly doubt that projectors and TVs and audio receivers are going to switch from HDMI to USB C. Therefore, no matter what, you'll always have to have a dongle for that. And what about SD cards? They aren't going to change the shape of SD cards to fit USB C, so you will always have to carry around a card reader.

wireless charging?! for this i think the iphone should start charging at 1m from the dock... something different from this.... no, thanks!

1m charging would be a dream Vitor, unfortunately, the tech isn't anywhere close yet...

We can dream though!

New Pixel won't have a headphone jack either. Suckage all around.g

I have no headphone jack on my Moto Z Force. It's lame, especially the first time you want to listen to tunes in the car and charge it at the same time...
(yes, no Bluetooth - 2007 Honda Element)

power or music that is a tough decision!

It does suck a bit, but you can buy small bluetooth receiver devices that plug into your car audio system's headphone jack while you charge your phone. The battery in them seems to last long enough, so if you are on a long road trip you could charge your phone while still playing music to the BT device connected to the head unit.

Sounds like a good plan! There also used to be ones where you could tune it into your radio. What the quality was like or if they still even exist I don't know. Just a thought if Mike doesn't have a headphone aux jack...

I tried a few of those and they were always horrible. I think I had the Griffin one with the bendy arm for charging your phone last. It would consistently lose the station. I think there was just too much interference (and we don't even live in a crowded FM area).

There's no such thing as accidental leaking

Hey Nathan, personally I think it was an oversight from Apple.

If Apple wanted to, they would have leaked the information in a much more glorious way IMO.

The phone was code named D22 in the firmware so some degree of hiding the iPhone 8 was made. Just not enough...

Clickbait title.
Unkiked your page now

Let me guess, it's going to be yet another best iPhone they have ever created?