Are You Ready For The World’s Biggest Photo Walk On September 6th?

Are You Ready For The World’s Biggest Photo Walk On September 6th?

Photo walks have grown exponentially in the last few years serving a growing international collective of photographers who are looking to meet other like minded souls and shoot together. Next month sees the second 500px annual Global Photo Walk taking place on September 6th, promising to be the biggest photo walk of all time.

Thousands of photographers will ghead out from over 350 cities across the world in 2 weeks time, to take part in what looks set to be the biggest photo walk of it’s kind, ever.  

Last year, more than 3000 photographers took part, and that number looks certain to be beaten this year. Some cities already have hundreds of photographers signed up (New York is approaching 150).  A full list of cities taking part and the numbers of people already signed up can be seen on Facebook here.

A video that 500px put together from a previous photo walk in NYC can be seen below.

500px also include an interesting guide for anyone interested in organizing their own photo walk which can be read here

As someone who’d never been on a photo walk until recently, I decided to organize a small one in NYC earlier this year with about half a dozen other photographers. If you have any inclincation to think about organizing or being involved with one, I'd definitely recommend it, we had a total blast! It was a great experience, and really not a very complicated thing to arrange. Just have a plan in mind for the meeting point and the route and remember, it’s just as much about meeting people and helping build or develop a photographic community, as it is about taking photographs. It was great to meet some new friends and even if you don’t end up with any great images, you’ll probably still have had fun and enjoyed the social side of the event.

If anyone is thinking about heading to the NYC 500px walk let me know, I might be heading over to check it out myself.


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David is a full time photographer, videographer and video editor based in New York City. Fashion, portraiture and street photography are his areas of focus. He enjoys stills and motion work in equal measure, with a firm belief that a strong photographic eye will continue to help inform and drive the world of motion work.

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I sent out a mail ASAP for them to PLEASE add Cape Town South Africa - A world of diversity in one City :)
Please Second and send a mail to 500 pix if you guys agree

Cape Town :)

or --- sorry for the Spam :)

Thank you for the article as the organizer(NYC) of the first one last year and the second one this year, i agree that it is not that hard, some work is involved but it is fun and rewarding to see people come together and have fun :)

I plan on going here in PHX! Thanks for the info.