Samsung's #DITCHtheDSLR Event Makes its Way West, Comes to Los Angeles

Samsung's #DITCHtheDSLR Event Makes its Way West, Comes to Los Angeles

After the wildly successful Ditch the DSLR event in Times Square, Samsung has taken their event out west to Los Angeles, giving attendees the opportunity to trade in their DSLR, lens and battery for a new NX30 or NXMini Smart Camera. Not only that, they're also planning to set a world record hosted by Nick Cannon and Julianne Hough that afternoon.

Not a huge fan of selfies, but the Ditch the DSLR event is one that I think is a really great marketing idea. Having recently taken one big step to giving up the DSLR myself, I approve of Samsung's willingness to take old, beat up cameras and exchange them for one of their mirrorless offerings. Just look at all the happy people from the New York event:

The event is slated for Tuesday October 14th, with "ditiching" to begin for consumers starting at 10:00 am and will go until 3:00 PM or until supplies run out. I wasn't given a number of how many cameras Samsung would have on hand, but I can't imagine the supply will be indefinate. 

In the afternoon starting at around 3 PM (you should show up around 2 if you want to take part in this), Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles will join SamsungNick Cannon and Julianne Hough to break a Guinness World Record: most selfies taken in one hour. Samsung will donate $50,000 to the very worthy cause once the record is set.

To be eligible to Ditch your DSLR you must have the following items:

  • DSLR Body
  • Lens
  • Battery

I am going to try and make it for no other reason than to revel in the crowd that will likely show up. Who else is going?

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I hope they do it in the UK I have an old nikon d70 with an old 35 70 that's gathering dust in the drawer

I have a Nikon d50 I'd be willing to trade in!

I'll take the bin if Samsung doesn't want it

If only it was the NX1.