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BBC and Getty Images Partner to Create a More Diverse Library of Family Images

BBC and Getty Images Partner to Create a More Diverse Library of Family Images

The BBC and Getty Images are combining forces to create and curate a library of images and videos of children and families around the U.K. to better reflect diversity in the population.

The BBC Kids Collection, as it is to be known, will be a library of media with the sole focus being to better represent ethic minorities in the U.K. Miranda Wayland, BBC's Head of Creative Diversity, said: “We know the crucial role the media plays in shaping children’s view of themselves and the world around them, it is therefore vital that we all get it right."

Over the last few decades, an awareness for the lack of diversity in marketing and media has resulted in some strides being made in ensuring that representation in media is closer to the minority representation of the populace. One area that has perhaps not kept up — though criticism hasn't been quite as widespread — is stock photography and videography. Stock websites, like the industry leader Getty Images, become a primary source of media for everything from marketing and advertising, through to news and presentations, and so a library that aims to be better balanced on diversity will likely be welcomed, and could lead to further initiatives that focus on areas outside of the family.

To be eligible for a grant of £250 to £1,000, successful applicants will be looking to create inclusive stories, images, and videos of Minority-Ethnic families across the U.K. Though it is worth noting that it is preferred that the photographers live within the communities they are photographing. Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insight at Getty Images, said: "To ensure the library encompasses a broad range of life experiences captured as true-to-life as possible we are looking for photographers who live within the communities they want to photograph.

Is a lack of diversity in stock imagery something you were aware of? Could you aid in balancing representation?

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Billy Paul's picture

Just one more reason to #defundtheBBC.

Billy Paul's picture

Because it is another example of woke propaganda from the BBC seeking to deceive and influence people by misrepresenting reality.

The same kind of woke propaganda you get from google for example when searching google images for "white couples" gives you 5 images of mixed race couples in the first 6 results. A search for "black couples" gives you images of black couples. Try it for yourself. Google's blatant (and frankly anti-white) propaganda is astounding.

Tom Pinches's picture

That sounds like a very roundabout way of saying you don’t like looking at black people.

jim hughes's picture

The problems with google's results might be more technical than political.

Tim Ericsson's picture

Misrepresenting reality? I thought it was pretty well known that children and families with diverse backgrounds exist in the world.

Billy Paul's picture

Did I say they didn't exist? Not representing them in the proportion they exist is misrepresentation and that is what this scheme aims to support. In the UK a license is required to watch any live TV (not just BBC output) and almost all the license fee goes to the BBC who, being run by woke lefty metropolitan chattering class aholes, gets to spend it on crap like this. Hence one more reason to #defundtheBBC

Tim Ericsson's picture

Boy you sound like a real angry fragile man. Good to keep my distance from your toxicity. Are you going to run around calculating the number of stock images of people of color and compare them to the general population to ensure your warped idea of fairness?

Get a damn life, fool! And get the stick out of your butt (unless that’s your thing: no kink shaming from me!)

Billy Paul's picture

So I'll take it you don't have an argument against what I said.

Lefty SJW types never do. They just call their opponents names, call them racists, call them nazi when they are really loosing the argument and claim they are being offended and the offender is hateful and must be censored.

"Are you going to run around calculating the number of stock images of people of color and compare them to the general population to ensure your warped idea of fairness?"

You try to argue against me by ridiculing exactly what BBC/Getty must have done to be able to claim minority families are under represented in stock libraries - what a moron.

Tim Ericsson's picture

You present yourself as a typical alt-right outraged loner who sees any calls for representation as an assault on the false assumption of their own "clan's" superiority, and in turn exposes a fragility and unnerved emotional state. Your overreaction for including more images of diverse families is a sign of enormous weakness.

Why do photographs of people of color offend you so much? How about you chill out, sweetie. Seriously: just relax and put things in perspective.

Billy Paul's picture

and again you deflect talking about me instead of providing some argument to support your position. Who do you think you are fooling other than yourself?

Tim Ericsson's picture

My position is you need to relax and stop thinking that there’s a dangerous conspiracy to destroy your way of life because some people want to have more pictures of diverse families on a stock photo website.

Chill out and stop overreacting and getting offended at everything. You, Billy sweetchecks, look like the fool!

Billy Paul's picture

My position is what I need to do is my business not yours.

I will make it easy for you. Complete the following sentence.

"I think BBC license fee payers should fund over representation of ethnic minority families in stock photo libraries because....."

Tim Ericsson's picture

If my business isn’t yours, then shut up and stop posting about it on a public forum. You make it others business when you feel the need to be heard.

And because it doesn’t affect me nor harm anybody to have diverse pictures in a stock photo site. The question is, why are you so upset and overreacting about pictures of people of color?

Also, based on your previous posting and spelling, you aren’t a UK resident, so it doesn’t affect you either.

So again, Billy, take a breather and relax about it already. Christ, you’re a little nuisance, aren’t you?!

Tom Pinches's picture

What a bizarre comment....

Richard King's picture

To be honest, in general, stock libraries lack non American looking people. When I look for stock images, it's really tough getting geographic place and feel right, let alone specific diversity

And in the work sense, stock libraries are full of the super polished corporate American dream, instead of real life

What's super annoying is "Faux Diversity"... Woman with an Afro - Tick
Asian woman in power suit - Tick

Real life isn't like this.

g coll's picture

What is real life like?

Michel Higuet's picture

What you don't see on an American TV for example...

jim hughes's picture

Microstocks have been clamoring and begging for 'diversity' imagery for years. They can't possibly be lacking it today but they'll now be pushing it forward in searches. BBC now plays catch-up I guess. And Getty is slime so who knows what their motives are in this case.

David T's picture

For corporate it's either American Psycho or stock photos from asia. As a european I can use neither.