Best T-shirt Ever for Film Fanatic Photographers

It isn't often that a t-shirt for photographers comes along that I'd be willing to wear. So many of them talk about how I shoot people, or how I'm going to snap. Not things that I want to declare to the world, thank you. 


Thankfully, Kirk Mastin of Mastin Labs has decided to offer up what is possibly the best t-shirt for film lovers ever. While Mastin Labs creates presets to help you replicate the look of film in Lightroom, they still love film the most. Prior to Wednesday, the only way to get one of these shirts was to know someone, but after countless requests they have been released for sale.

(Available in Asphalt and Black. Men and Women sizes.)

Inspired by a Wu-Tang Clan roll-call t-shirt that Kirk owned in college, he designed this one with his favorite film stocks. Want one of your own so you can declare your love of film with the world? Head on over to Amazon and buy yours today.

If film is not your thing, here are a few other t-shirts that you might be interested in checking to let everyone know you're a photographer. One who doesn't shoot people, and isn't the "momma's gonna snap" type:

Photographer's Heartbeat (Available in Asphalt, Brown, Black, Royal Blue, and Cranberry. Men's, Women's, and Youth's sizes.)

Keep it simple, let everyone know that yes, you ARE a Photographer. (Available in Asphalt, Kelly Green, Navy, Black, and Cranberry. Men's, Women's, and Youth's sizes.)

35mm Camera Sketch (13 color choices, Men's sizes.)

Eat Sleep Snap (10 color choices, Men's and Women's sizes.)

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Ryan Mense's picture

The website URL on the bottom completely ruins the design.

Eric Sorensen's picture

But those are the film stocks (Ektar in the works) he emulates - the URL is basically the same thing as credit to a famous quotation.

J J's picture

lets see. Identify market. Create sense of exclusivity. Seems like an advertorial to me. Pretty crappy "Article"

Nathan Dana's picture

Its just a list of films... with a weird ampersand afterwards. Not sure that qualifies as a fantastic T-shirt design. And agree that the URL ruins it.

Ryan Bartels's picture

Dido. I don't get it either...

Vincent Morretino's picture

The guy that made them is, bewilderingly, hopping on a t-shirt design trend (started in 2001) that I thought had died out about 5 years ago. I never liked them then, and can't believe that someone is resurrecting them now. Design origin:

Nathan Dana's picture

Didn't realize that was a thing!

Tom Lew's picture

I currently use Silverfast. Any opinions on that? I will try Vuescan.

Alan Klughammer's picture


Rex Larsen's picture


Jarrett Hunt's picture

It's funny how Mastin claims his presets are saving film and keeping it alive. There is 19,271 in the Mastin lab facebook group. If all of them shot actual film then maybe film would be doing better.

Roger Paige's picture