Canon Announces Irista: New Image Hosting Service

Canon Announces Irista: New Image Hosting Service

Today Canon announced a new Dropbox-like service for hosting images online. During development the service was cryptically called Project1709, now given the name Irista (according to CNET, that's pronounced eye-RIST-ta). The new service is stumping many as it doesn't appear to do much, if any, more than Dropbox and its ilk. 

Irista offers 10 free gigabytes of storage to anyone who signs up, with options of upgrading capacity to 50 gigabytes for $7 a month (or $75 per year), or 100 gigabytes for $15 monthly (or $170 annually).

While free is nice, there are some pretty major areas in which this service is lacking:

There are some social / sharing options built into the first iteration of the platform but I was surprised to learn that you can only share to Facebook and Flickr at the moment, meaning that Instagram and Twitter users will be left out in the cold.

Unlike some other services, Irista does not have a file size restriction (which would be perfect for huge PSDs and TIFFs —  if they were allowed). Intreiguingly though, this image storage platform seems to only support JPGs and raws (likely only Canon's CR2 format).

According to CNET, it's probably a good time to jump onto this platform (while it's free), it's possible Canon will be expanding the usability and adding editing capabilities to Irsta in the near future. Already having accounts on Mediafire, Dropbox, and Google Drive I figured 10 free gigs couldn't hurt, just don't tell Canon I shoot Nikon.

If you'd like to take the plunge you can sign up here.

[Via Rich Trenholm @ CNET]


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John Cliff's picture

A good start:

"Want to come back in?

irista is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance.

Our technical gurus are working hard to let you back
in as soon as possible, so you can continue to enjoy all the great
things irista has to offer!"

What great things? This is kinda a complete fail? But probably they will give away access when you buy a camera etc. For now I will just stay with dropbox/crashplan...

Alexander Möhle's picture

This whole thing will develope in a totally different direction than dropbox... Rumors say Canon works on an automatic Upload from all new Canon Cameras to the "Cloud" and the next step will be a Canon-Print-on-deman-out-of-your-cloud service... But watching Canon working on 1709 for about 843 years now, the next development-step will take about the same time...