Delivery Driver Caught on Doorbell Camera Hurling Parcel Containing $1,500 Lens

A delivery driver working for FedEx has been caught on a doorbell camera hurling a package at the porch. The parcel contained a $1,500 Canon lens, and was thrown as opposed to walking a few feet extra in order to place it carefully.

 Photographer Greg Riegler, who is based in Florida, was horrified when reviewing the footage back, only to find out what had happened. In the three-minute clip, the driver is seen arriving at the property and walking toward the front door, before carelessly throwing the package which hits the doorstep with a bang. He then returns to the van, before coming back to the house with a colleague who reveals he works for FedEx. As nobody answered the door, they pick the package back up and take it with them.

Riegler posted about the incident online, writing on Reddit: 

I’ve been in contact with FedEx and the local distribution center. It’s a contractor, and the guy tossing the box seems to be training, which is crazy he already doesn’t care about his job. I know packages are supposed to be packed in a way they can handle drops and whatnot, but they shouldn’t be intentionally mishandled. Thankfully no damage to the screen door.

 He revealed he received the lens the next day, and so far there’s no apparent damage.

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

A UPS driver told me once, "Fragile" means toss underhand. I'm sure he was just kidding....or...was he.

Tony Stoffle's picture

Wow, what a catastrophic choice of employee FedEx has made.

Jeff Walsh's picture

I cant even figure out why he threw it, only to come back with the other guy. What was the point in throwing the box if you were going to come back anyway?

Barry Brunswick's picture

The other guy made him come back. Tosser was trainee.

David Crossley's picture

Why on earth would a buyer accept THAT PACKAGE after reviewing the video?

g coll's picture

Has this guy not learnt a thing from GTA? To make the delivery you have to place the box right on the doorstep!

Ian Luyten's picture

that's why I usually actually GO TO the store to retrieve expensive items

Gary B's picture

How do you think the goods get to the store?

Ian Luyten's picture

ok, point taken ...

Dan Grayum's picture

Via catapult

David B's picture

They are placed in another box filled with other boxes and rolled in on a dolly. Nobody can throw a 50 pound box that says Sony!

stuartcarver's picture

Over 800,000 views on Youtube, this is going to end up very embarrassing for FedEx. Hopefully something like this kick starts better governance of these delivery companies... the worst thing is they arent exactly cheap to use either.

James Redondo's picture

Hope it was packed well! Otherwise, I'd be sending it straight back to the sender. That is unacceptable on FedEx's part.

David Crossley's picture

Packed well or not that type of courier trauma will cause problems if not immediately but down the road on a precisely manufactured optic.

No way should any buyer accept that package, & the only way to fix a now commonplace problem is shaming delivery services & pressuring them and vendors (them having to deal with the hassle and financial cost's of returns and reshipping).

Robert Nurse's picture

"My lens is soft!", says the unwary user.

Alex Herbert's picture

Haha, a delivery driver once left my brand new Tamron 28-75 outside my house in the POURING rain. Needless to say it got 'stolen' and I got refunded...

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

That's just how the stork delivered me to my parents; which probably explains a lot!

Dan Grayum's picture

This guy should be packed into a box and hurled at a door step as his punishment

Barry Brunswick's picture

Read on another forum: Fedex and UPS merging into new company. Fed ups.

David Crossley's picture

If true, a monopoly is only going to make thing's for buyers worse cause they all do it (trauma deliveries)-only difference here is someone caught this professional hooligan live on camera.

Robert Nurse's picture

FedUp? Irony!

Robert Nurse's picture

LOL! It seems the package needed a signature which was why they walked up to the door. Requiring a signature should tell all concerned that this isn't an ordinary delivery. Also, can you imagine how these packages are tossed around in the sorting facilities? Makes you want to just drive to and from B&H!

Alex Herbert's picture

I did the Christmas post for Royal Mail in my younger days (they hire additional casual staff to work in the sorting centre over the Xmas rush). I saw experienced members of staff skyhook parcels from one end of the floor into trolleys on the other side. I lost all faith in postal services that year.