Donate to Help a Fellow Photographer Fight Cancer

Christopher Sturm, a talented photographer known for his captivating work and vibrant presence in the creative community, has shared a deeply personal and urgent message. Christopher has been diagnosed with cancer, an unexpected battle that has swiftly altered the trajectory of his life and work, and he is asking for our help in the form of donations for his treatment. Please consider donating.

The ordeal began suddenly for Christopher recently when, during a routine trip to the grocery store, he experienced a loss of control over the left side of his body, leading to an immediate hospital visit. Initially fearing a stroke, doctors quickly discovered multiple lesions in his brain through imaging. These were not the result of a benign condition but were indicative of metastasized lung cancer that had spread to his brain. This diagnosis is as daunting as it is shocking, marking the beginning of Christopher's fight against a formidable opponent.

The financial implications of this diagnosis are overwhelming. With his current insurance not yet in effect due to work-related thresholds and the prohibitive costs of medical procedures—including a potential $28,000 treatment to address the lesions in his brain—Christopher faces a daunting road ahead. It's a stark reminder of the challenges many individuals face in accessing and affording necessary healthcare.

Christopher's situation underscores the critical need for a supportive community and the significant difference financial assistance can make. He has turned to a GoFundMe campaign as a means to fund his medical bills, and we ask you to please consider donating if you can. Beyond the immediate financial relief, each donation signifies a beacon of hope and a tangible expression of support. It's an opportunity for the community, both local and global, to come together in support of one of their own. Once again, you can donate here.

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The United States is the only industrialized country where citizens are routinely forced into bankruptcy by medical bills.