Flickr Reveals Top Images and Cameras Used in 2015

Flickr Reveals Top Images and Cameras Used in 2015

First to roll out some of the most popular images of 2015 is Flickr's Top 25 from their community. Flickr also shared some interesting data on what are the most popular devices and cameras used on their photo sharing application.

Billions of photos were uploaded to the photo sharing service Flickr in 2015. Of the billions, they compiled a gallery of the Top 25 images shared this year by calculating algorithms based on favorites, views, and popularity within the community. Below is the top 10 from the list. What do you think of the top images? Share your thoughts!​

Flickr also released some interesting information based on EXIF data pulled from images that were shared on their platform. The results were a little surprising from even a site like Flickr. The iPhone is the most used device on their application by a sizeable margin. This represents how the world is continuing to change and how the mobile phones are trending to be the more predominantly used camera by consumers.

Lead image by Thomas Leuthard and used under Creative Commons.

​[via Flickr]

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Available light ftw.

interesting to view, its like 500px top voted images,
there are aways some wild cards in there,
obviously its personal opinion but always some that seem out of place.

I am surprised at the low percentage of mirrorless images uploaded, would of though it be higher than that.

Yes Lee, that stood out to me as well. I'm anticipating that number to trend upwards in the next few years.

true, and i wonder what category they placed Medimum Format images.