Free Workshop This Weekend: #BeAlpha Live Online

Free Workshop This Weekend: #BeAlpha Live Online

Every year, Sony hosts a number of free online educational platforms. For me, these have quickly become events I don't want to miss. And the next one is this weekend on August 15th. 

Online education these days has become a dime a dozen. But what sets these Sony events apart from the rest is the world-class talent they bring to the table. These events are filled with talented photographers, videographers, and filmmakers that not only create amazing work but are also extraordinary speakers and educator. The latest #BeAlpha Live Online event is no different. This year you can learn anything from "How To Start A YouTube Channel" from Miguel Quiles to "Wide-angle Shooting For Astro Landscapes" from Rachel Jones Ross

One of the classes that I am extra excited to see is from one of the newest Sony Artisans, Jose Villa. Jose has long been one of the greatest wedding photographers in the industry. I have seen a small handful of online classes from him as well as own his Fineart Wedding Photography book and every time he speaks there is something to be learned. 

Another class I'm looking forward to is from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith. Brian is most known for his celebrity portraits and even has a book called Secrets of Great Portrait Photography. What I am most looking forward to with this class is that it will be an actual live shoot. So you will be able to see Brian in his element. You'll be able to see how he sets up for an image as well as how he interacts with his subjects. 

The best part about all these events though is that there are interactive elements built into them. So you will be able to ask questions to the speakers, interact with audience members, and even network with industry experts. So like I mentioned before, this is something you don't want to miss. To get access, all you have to do is register through the #BeAlpha Online Live page and then show up on August 15th. 

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