FS Weekly News #3: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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"This is what happens when a photographer who is on the road on assignment thinks he is in a rock band and visits too many dark dive bars after shooting, we would show you the BTS, but its not family friendly"

John Maxwell's picture

Ok so i think i've found the easter egg, what do i do now?

Kenn Tam's picture

Write a funny caption for it, here.

Patrick Hall's picture

ha I think he just went around searching for the hidden egg no?

"It's a vagina. Not a clown car."

Alternate: I'd like you to meet Cuervo, Jack, Johnny Walker, Royale, Morgan, and, uh, Malibu.

Is a zero good on that color score? Thank you color-profiled Apple Cinema Display! Couldn't have done it without you!

Jeremy's picture

Proof your family tree should not be a straight line.

I knew I should of taken their advice and trimmed the family tree...

Ray King's picture

If your going to spank your kids, Make sure not to use the Ugly stick!!

William Navarro's picture

Talk about a dreaded 6 pack!

Hipstamatic introduces the new PedoPak...where youth is never wasted on the young.

Von Wong's picture

Clones, we want them.

Lee's actually infertile..

Needless to say, the sonogram initially puzzled the technician.

Chad Westover's picture

After too many long, late nights with the clone stamp Lee realized something had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Jaymes Poudrier's picture

Duke Nukem had it right... "Your an inspiration for birth-control."

Jaymes Poudrier's picture

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a minger! :)

lol i don't know who did the photoshop but its quite ilarious... you guys grabbing his pants quite tight... and some of you look quite like Austin Powers mini-me guy ;) good job keep it up!

Jared Ladia's picture

Maury-The results are in and 'Lee IS the father!'

Now... Which one do I donate to science???

Lets just say i got a good lens that shoots well.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Photo Caption: "Why do I still have zero hits in my MATCH.COM account?"

Daryl Marquardt's picture

"My first 6 attempts at cloning have failed. So instead of mini me's I have mini you's."

Oh, please don't let me go....

Simon Hucko's picture

family portraits: cheaper by the half-dozen?

To prevent a proliferation of under-developed f-stoppers, Adobe has now instituted a 'do not save' feature in all versions of Photoshop.

I call him mini Lee.

Sneak Peak: Adobe Labs previews new "Adaptive Cloning Tool" to mixed reviews.

Lee accepts that he'll never make it to Wikipedia as a wedding photographer and settles for raising an orphan Fstoppers family.

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