Fstoppers' New "Featured Guest" Posts...

Besides being respected members of the photo community, what do Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart, Greg Slater, Brad Trent and Melissa Rodwell all have in common? Well for starters they (to name just a few) have all agreed to write something just for you, our Fstopper readers. Starting this October we will bring you posts written by some of the biggest names in photography, exclusively on Fstoppers.com. You'll have the opportunity to learn a little more about our Featured Guests and they will have an opportunity to speak directly to you and share whatever takes their fancy. Be it their latest projects, rants, opinions, advice, stories and more. Leave a comment telling us who you would like to see as a Featured Guest and we just might make it happen.

From Kenn:
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How about Joey L and Zack Arias?  

Yes to Joey L

Trey Ratcliff .... should be back from China soon.

Gregory Heisler, David Hobby, Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, Joey L, Kevin Michael Reed, Natalia Taffarel (retoucher), Jill Greenberg, Clint Davis, Douglas Sonders, David Nightingale, Scott Kelby & his crew (Matt K., RC Conception, Brad Moore...), Vincent Laforet. That's a couple ideas of mine...

Nice lineup so far, I'm excited to see Brad Trent in the bunch.

Oh please, no more Kelby we need Professional photographers not more marketing shoved down our throats!

I second that for Jill Greenberg. 

Jeremias Santochi's picture

if you can get something from mario testino...y tatoo fstoppers in my chest :D

Kenn Tam's picture

You can't buy advertising space better than that. I'll hold you to it. ;)

They wont. I keep trying to get them to interview Markus Klinko and Idrani but they wont............BOOOOOOOO. I'm friends with on facebook and they would totally do it. I want more high profile interviews!!!!

Andrew Keane's picture

Calvin Hollywood or Tim Tadder

Eamon Queeney's picture

Dan Winters

Gregory Heisler!

Mike Folden's picture

That is awesome news. Nick Onken would be a cool feature. 

Dave Persaud's picture

How about that guy Dave Persaud? lol

I am already addicted to this site and your going to give me more reasons to come back...it's like giving candy to a child...Just say'n Fstoppers ROCKS!!

Joseph Figaniak's picture

Chase Jarvis!

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm fucking pumped for Melissa Rodwell. She's brilliant and her style is unique and specific. I've been following her work for years now and anybody would be privileged to speak with her as a person let alone about her art. Good job landing her guys!

Kenn Tam's picture

I'll be sure to tell her you said so, when I get back in the city.

Haha. Please do! I've corresponded with her before and she's a great person!

Looking forward to it.
How about the following photographers: Dan Winters, Jonas Fredwall Karlsson, Mark Seliger, Norman Jean Roy, Michael Grecco, Platon, Mary Ellen Mark, Lauren Greenfield, Ben Watts, Max Vadukul, Peter Yang, Marc Hom, John Huba, just to name the first ones I'm thinking of.
Probably all very busy, tough to reach people, though...

Get that loony David LaChapelle on.... he's awesome, but doubt he would do it.

Let's hold a seance and hear from Avedon.

Avedon is the greatest. Fstoppers would post his documentary and like 7 people would comment on it. That's what happens when AWESOME photographers are posted. Not the sites fault. The Avedon docu didn't show lighting set ups or equipment. I can promise you few people would post about probably the greatest fashion photographer that ever lived. Yuri Arcurs is a small legend in his own right too. The man basically wrote the book on how to get rich selling stock photography.

Online Gallery's picture

How about Lou Jones hes a Nikon Legend and known for great story telling.

And Zack Aries

geggs's picture

Some suggestions - Moshe Brakha, Gregory Heisler, Jay Maisel, Dan Winters...

Michael Helms/Phillip Warner/Terry Richardson.