[Pics] February's Best Facebook Group Photos

[Pics] February's Best Facebook Group Photos

Every month I see some incredible photos uploaded to our thriving Fstoppers Facebook Group. With over 3,000 members, this group has some amazing talent. To honor these great Fstoppers of the world, we award the best of the best from each month with a badge of honor: the Fstoppers Featured Photo. We have some stellar images earning this honor in February of 2012.

Featured photos can be used to promote a personal website, blog, social media site, personal resume, refrigerator, whatever! We want you to show off that your work has caught the eye of Fstoppers.com and for that, you deserve a pat on the back. So here you go, the best photos of February!


Kyle Ford


Mohammed Ismail


Aden Priest


Antonio Genovia


Drew Lundquist


Duc Minh Phung


Ľuboš Tirpák


Pedro Santiago


Ronald Gray


Thomas Ingersoll


Vadim Molochnikov


Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all our Facebook Group members for showcasing their work. Want your work featured? Want to show the Fstoppers Featured Photo Award on your website? All you have to do is upload your best photos to our Facebook Group every month. Just make a statement with your image and you could end up featured here.

Award Winners: Need a higher resolution? Shoot me an email at jaron@fstoppers.com.

From Jaron:
Like what you see? Let us know. Share them with your friends, tweet them to your followers, or just leave a comment below. Be honest though, because we write these for you. Let us know how we are doing!

I am the voice of Fstoppers on Facebook, so drop by and tell me what you think. Check out our thriving Facebook Group as well. Thanks for reading!

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Wow, those are some stunning images! Great to see talent =)

Joe Gunawan | fotosiamo.com
SLRLounge.com editor

Wow. Love the ones (in order on screen) by Kyle Ford, Pedro Santiago and Ronald Gray. I'd like to commend Mr. Santiago in particular. This image is the stuff legendary shots are made of: well-composed, bitterly sad and yet humorous at the same time-- A lot to like about this one. Genius work.

Ľuboš Tirpák's picture

omg, omg, I am there!!!

Radu's picture

Congrats! I love your shot. How did you do it?

Ľuboš Tirpák's picture

rings thrown into 15litres fishtank.

Shot at 105mm, f8, iso100, 1/250sec in darkened room with nikon D7000.Light from 2xSB-900 on both sides, manual power 1/64 triggered with pocketwizards flex tt5s.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Go Thomas, what is it like the second time in a row? 

All of these images are stunning. 

Mohammed Ismail's picture

oh fantastic, i am on here :)

Angel Oviedo's picture

Great pictures!

stellar work folks, congrats

Duc Minh Phung's picture

awesomeness guys! And thanks for the pat on the back. :)

Very nice those photos!

Stoked to have made it! Thanks guys! 

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Democratic Hackers's picture

awesome pics...like your work very much.
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