Fujifilm Announces 'Fujikina,' a Free Photography Convention in New York City

Fujifilm Announces 'Fujikina,' a Free Photography Convention in New York City

Fans of Fujifilm and photography in general will want to make their way to their way to New York City this September, as Fujifilm has announced a totally free photography convention that features workshops, guest speakers, exhibits, the latest Fujifilm gear, and more. 

Called "Fujikina New York," the event will be held on Saturday, September 10, from 10 am until 7 pm in the Glass House, located at 660 12th Ave in Manhattan. Previously held at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, this will be its first time in North America. 

Photographers can expect a wide array of events sure to please everyone, not just Fujifilm users. Selected work from up and coming photographers will be exhibited. Attendees can also expect hands-on workshops with well-known creatives on portraiture, landscape photography, photojournalism, and more. In addition, attendees will have the chance to try out a wide range of Fujifilm cameras and lenses. Finally, a keynote presentation by renowned photographer Greg Gorman will also be given. Victor Ha, vice president, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, said:

We are excited and honored to host Fujikina in New York City, which has such a rich history of showing Fujifilm’s support and celebration of the arts. We’re excited to make the city a big part of the experience for our guests. Demonstrating Fujifilm’s ongoing commitment to storytelling, Fujikina New York will be part touch-and-try, part education, and part exhibition — truly a festival for the image-making community and anyone interested the art of visual storytelling.

Furthermore, in celebration of Fujifilm's popular X mount, Fujikina will have a special exhibit featuring the work of 10 talented female photographers. All 10 women were picked by Fujifim and provided funding and support to bring to life a creative project of their choosing, with a wide range, including female rock climbers over 40, rites of passage, coming-of-age stories, and more. 

Last, attendees can reserve a place in a range of photo walks led by Fujifilm experts. These photo walks will cover a variety of techniques and genres, and participants will have the opportunity to use loaner gear as well. 

You will need to register and select a time slot if you would like to attend, and you will also need to reserve specific slots for seminars, workshops, presentations, and photo walks. To learn more about the event, click here. For more on the events and speakers, click here. For more on the featured creators, click here. And finally, to register, click here.

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Wish you posted this sooner, everything is "sold out / fully booked"