Ghost Town Photos Of Boston From Today

Ghost Town Photos Of Boston From Today

It goes without saying that Boston has had an absolutely terrible week. With the events that took place during the Boston Marathon, and now with a manhunt underway to find those responsible, Boston police have order all residents within the city to stay inside today. The result has been a collection of some chillingly empty cityscapes of one of the United States greatest and largest cities.








[via BusinessInsider]

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Josh Hway's picture

Wow. As unfortunate as the situation is, it could make for some interesting photography (given access) using the abandon streets.

Martial law.

yep, that's exactly what it is

no that's not what it was (i was there) it was a community that came together and listened to the recommendations of the police to stay in doors to help free up the man power that would normally be used for daily operations.. Don't taint this day

Americans are being conditioned to accept the militarization of police and martial law. Any person that doesn't understand that should be ashamed of himself.

Max Schweikert's picture

Oh yeah obviously, how did I not see that?! The only way to catch the kid is by temporarily stoping surveillance on everyone else!

Patrick Hall's picture

Isn't it crazy that this is all because of a 19 year old kid? Isn't he surrounded in a house? Shocked the city shut down like this....there must be a lot of hidden bombs the FBI isn't telling us about

All my thought to the families and wounded. I'm far from Boston, but my heart goes to straight to them. Boston is the first american city i visited when young, my first basketball game was in Boston, with the Celtics (Larry Bird rocks !!)....

Not ND? Streets are seriously this empty?! O_o

Everyone got there NDs out to trick you. Damnit Shannon, if only you weren't so sharp.

Hard to believe those were real shots tbh.. Where I'm from we go hunting when something similar goes down, not into hiding..

I expect you do a lot of hunting in urban areas, right?

I would totally be out enjoying the speed limits.

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Gov. Deval Patrick called on residents in the city and its suburbs to stay inside "with their doors locked." in CNN

yeah and stay inside for the rest of their frightened lifes...

It's a shame to see what terror do to us, instead of rising up our heads and show our strength, we asked to hide from it. terror or not, life must be shown.

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This is done as their is a man on the loose, and they're attempting to capture him. People were asked to stay in their homes today, so that the suspect cannot avert their attention within the crowds.

Its not hiding from it so much as its giving him nowhere to hide.

because now he will be the only one in the streets ;-)

Domagoj Borscak's picture

I just can't understand that USA with all those advanced technologies, most advanced military, surveillance, spies, satellites and weapons can't stop something like this from happening. Moreover I can't believe that whole city is on lockdown because they can't stop one guy... Come on guys

RUSS T.'s picture

and moreover, i cant believe no one stopped the police from entering the homes, dragging U S citizens out of their homes at gun point, all without warrants. All because they said
" We have to, we're here to help"

False flag attack obviously :) Feds did it and they are investigating themselves. So many proof is on youtube to find if you can get over your fears and the whole conspiracy labeling.

americans are chickens.
that is exactly what the terrorists want.
two 30$ bombs shut down a whole city like boston.
imagine ireland would have overreacted in that way every time the IRA made an attack.

and now americans are partying on the street.... because 10000 cops have captured a 19 year old.
what an achievement!!! lol
they should think about what happened here and be ashamed.
two selfmade bombs have collapsed the economy and life of a major american city.
america once more, gave in to terrorism, has done exactly what the terrorists want.
you can´t fight terrorism this way.. it is way to expensive.
and it shows that you can shut down an american city easily.
americans should have a look at spain, ireland, germany and how these nations have dealt with terrorism in the past. no country showed so much fear then america.

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Don't wont to be a prick or anything, but praying won't help.