Google Glass May Be Able to Help the Visually Impaired

Although Google Glass has, and is still getting a lot of negative attention for privacy concerns there are two OpenGlass projects that could deliver some amazing benefits. The video accompanying this article shows user trials of two different OpenGlass projects designed to inform users who can't see about what they are "looking" at. The first is "Question-Answer" which is pretty self explanatory. The user simply takes an image with glass and asks what it is. The question and image are sent to the cloud where the question is answered via services like Twitter of Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The second application "Memento" seems even more useful. The method behind it requires a sighted user to essentially teach glass about a scene. Then, when the visually impaired user walks into the same scene Memento will explain the scene to them.

This is the kind of stuff that science and technology truly changes the world with. Not the SlapChop...this. I was on the fence about whether or not Glass would end up being something useful or annoying and this easily tips the scale.

Via Gizmodo

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What a fantasic use of technology, well done to the people behinf the project!

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Nice! I'm still curious about the legal implications of using GG. Can you get a ticket if you use them while driving? Do you have to take them off when you enter private property. Lots of worms to put back in the can. The future will be interesting :)

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This would work really well with an app like tap tap see

We expect google glass to be amazing. Meanwhile, we have implemented a similar technology for our app 'Talking Goggles'. It basically speaks out what it finds on your smartphone camera. Check it at