Google's AI Is Replacing Gender Tags of 'Man' and 'Woman' With 'Person' in Aim to Not Misgender Users

Google's AI Is Replacing Gender Tags of 'Man' and 'Woman' With 'Person' in Aim to Not Misgender Users

AI-generated gender labels for images are being removed by Google and being instead replaced by the word "person." The AI, which the tech giant provides to developers, is making the politically correct change after it was decided “a person’s gender cannot be inferred by appearance.”

Business Insider reveals that in an email sent out by the company, the Cloud Vision API tool will ditch the suggestion terms of “man” and woman.” The AI, which is used to detect faces and landmarks as well as flag explicit content will undergo the change so as to fall in line with Google’s mantra of not having a “human bias.”

The AI is constantly being shaped so as to avoid algorithms making incorrect assumptions. The company fears consumers being misgendered in photos of themselves if they don’t look typically male or female. In Google’s own words, the aim is to “avoid unjust impacts on people,” particularly in regards to “sensitive characteristics.”

Back in 2018, Google unveiled its AI principles, which were the result of protest from employees, largely with the aim of targeting bias, oversight, and ethical issues in general as the technology continues to advance.

It’s not the first time Google’s AI has hit headlines. Back in 2015, it was reported the recognition algorithm in Google Photos was labeling black people as “gorillas.”

Lead image: Pixabay via Pexels.

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Deleted Account's picture

Finally, an end to etymological discrimination against males.

Rhonald Rose's picture

Sure, that's why they made the change.

Dan Grayum's picture

What if you don't identify as a "Person"?


What if the person identifies as something else or other species? This is speciecist! /s

Jason Persilver's picture

This is getting so stupid lol. They're just trying to avoid lawsuits. So now, instead of someone with a disability knowing what they are looking at, they'll just envision some homogeneous human form which may or may not have genitalia of a male or female and even if it did, would be hard pressed to have to pick one. I can't even make a coherent sentence these days because of this lol!!! AH!!