An iPhone SLR Mount for Canon and Nikon Lenses

An iPhone SLR Mount for Canon and Nikon Lenses

Hey everyone. I saw this and I had to share it. It's kinda cool but if you own these lenses... Well let's leave the comments to you guys and see what comes up. ;)

From time to time I find the cool, the absurd, the wild, the inventive, the helpful, the shocking, etc, etc, that I just want to share with you. In this case it's a product that allows you to attach your high end lenses to your iPhone. I'm curious to hear what you think of this new product.

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Spencer Johnson's picture

Ah, this is fantastic! Finally a way to get some great, legit, bokeh with an iPhone.

John Xydous's picture

The beauty of of the iphone is that it allows me to travel light, be spontaneous, discreet, etc... If I'me going to carry around my 70-200 and take the time to mount it to my iphone, I might as well shoot with my slr... that being said, what a cool new toy :)

Are you serious?! Whyyyyyyyyyyy??????????????

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Looks like fun but I think it defeats the purpose of having a conveniently portable device. 

it all comes together now! this makes so much sense! finally I don't need an slr camera to use my five slr lenses i bought last week! the world needed this product! glad it finally hit the market! thanks guys! 

Nick Shek's picture

what SLR mount for the iMac? 

Alexandru Covaliov's picture

iMac doesn't have camera. Maybe iPad2? 8)

Ole Anders Oddløkken's picture

 ??? iMac does not have a camera? mine sure does.... and they have been having them for years now...

Roughly 5 or 6 years now? 

Jeff Dykhuis's picture

I don't understand the obsession with all this backward thinking lo-fi photography, phone camera's should not be accepted as a serious medium of photography.

Alexandru Covaliov's picture

yes, but imagine for couple of seconds the eyes of people around you when you shoot like in penultimate third picture =DDD

Kevin Garrison's picture

Well there's an obsession with it, thus it's considered a serious medium of photography.  People use photography to express themselves - just because you don't agree with the medium doesn't mean that it should not be accepted as serious.  There are war journalists using hipstamatic to cover wars and getting amazing shots.  I absolutely consider it a serious medium and a desirable one. I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think it's fair to negate all lo-fi photography as unserious.

Graham Marley's picture

I only agree with you as far as it's become the one trick in the wave of One Trick Pony photographers out there. I'm self taught, so that's not the issue. The issue is people seeing lo-fi or "vintage" looking (I hate that word) pictures going for decent cash in the consumer market, buying some PS actions and a 7D and BAM, after a month of dicking around, they are suddenly my competition without ever studying the history or theory of our art form. I certainly have a ways to go in my own development, as we all do, but I just don't think knowing how to cross process in LR and throwing a background out of focus makes you a good/qualified photographer. When the fashion recedes, which it will, you'll see a lot of people caught with their pants down trying to figure out how to make skin look natural or other actually challenging techniques. On its own though, I see a lot of lo-fi stuff that looks great.

Alex Pena's picture

I do not mean to be arrogant but you've got to understand that if there are people who wants this, either you deliver it or you are missing the point of being in business !

On the other hand, if some random person with a toy camera who dicked around actually becomes your competition... maybe the problem is not the lo-fi photography... I mean if you're having to go against someone who charges nothing for his lo-fi shots, then just get yourself better clients who actually care about your work, knowledge and talent and just leave those free-demanding, lo-fi-loving, nerve wrecking clients to the dicking-around-works-for-free guy. He's actually doing you a service by taking those undesirable clients away from your good business !

Too bad we can't be in the business to inform, educate, and preserve. Instead we shovel tripe.

lol - let me quote my wife's response to your post (she sold high end photography equipment for almost a decade, but 10 years ago saw the writing on the wall and went back to uni to study medicine) - "well, if you're a photographer, you are kinda screwed…someone CAN go out and buy a 7D, and they CAN fiddle round with photoshop while the kids are asleep and they CAN make a photo that looks better than anything any photographer 10 years ago could create with all their studio equipment…if I was a photographer, I'd be p*ssed as well, technology advancements undermining the business I spent 20 years building…but it doesn't mean it's going to stop, photography will continue to become easier and more automated (including post processing) leaving only composition and rapport and anyone can learn that". Gotta say, I kinda agree with her…the quality gap between professional and amateur is closing very very fast, and it's just going to continue to close…time to look for a new career guys :)

so basically you are saying the art is limited by the equipment. Sure it may seem "amateur-ish" but the equipment shouldn't matter. The final image is what's important.

lol…kind of like fine artists of last century saying that photography should not be accepted as a serious art medium eh?

Kawika Lopez's picture

This is one of the most closed minded comments I've heard in the photography world. who cares how you take a photo. The best camera is the one you have with you. I have over $10k of hight end DLSR equipment, but if I'm out and all i have is my iPhone, I can still make a photo with it. There are NatGeo photographers who have gone on assignment and only brought their iPhones with them. Its not about the equipment, its about how you use your equipment to craft an idea.

I do agree that it is a bit silly to put a DSLR lens on an iPhone, but to say that any sort of camera shouldn't be taken seriously is very closed minded.

mark r's picture

just another "shiny" toy for iphone users to waste their money on

lol, that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. LOL, i am laughing hysterically

Kenn Tam's picture

I agree it's totally ridiculous but when I'm shooting portraits, I shoot with my digital, a dash of 35mm, a pinch of polaroid and anything else I can get my hands on.  I love shooting in as many different ways as possible.  I know its absurd but a 50mm on my iphone would kinda be fun on those days when I'm playing the mad scientist of photography.  That being said... eep!  It's pricey.

Major W. Latimer's picture

I'm not sure why a professional/prosumer/consumer would use this. I mean it's a pretty cool "idea" but so very flawed. If you already have one or a bunch of Nikon or Canon Lenses you most likely already have a DSLR camera body (one would assume). Not to mention this just gives you better manual focus control not a better image quality or better low light shooting say with a fast 50mm f/1.8, the iPhone 4 still has it's own lens the light has to pass through (f3.2) at only 5MP. Not to mention the crop factor must be insane. This just doesn't make any sense. UUUGHHHH! So many new Canon/Nikon lenses don't even have manual apeture rings. They must be banking on the photo uninformed or the overly curious, to purchase this item. I mean don't get me wrong I'm curious but this is something I would spend 30 min playing with and then be left with a $190 paperweight.

totally an iphone overkill...

mark taylor's picture

and the point is what? Cracking quality from my 85mm 1.2 canon lens with shit resolution. Totally pointless

Canon 350d body can be found for as low as about 230 bucks. This ridiculous thing costs almost $200 shipped. It looks more like a joke than a serious product. Maybe if it was possible to remove the default iphone lens, it would make more sense to do such thing but the sensor is still much. much smaller than the aps on 350d.

And that crappy image is even reversed! I will rather stay stuck to my view camera!

I'll Wait for the Canon Micro Four Thirds to come out so that I can use my lenses with it.  =)
It will be as small or smaller than the iphone with that huge attachement on it.  C'mon CANON!!

Awesome!!  Can't wait until they make a hot shoe mount for the ipod so I can attach a pocket wizard to it and do some off camera strobe work with it.  It will look great with a 70-200 and pocket wizard on top of the iphone.  I would probably attach the pw tt1 mini to make it more portable. lol

Peter Pollack's picture

The iPhone camera is great, as is. We've all seen the iPhone fashion shoots. There's an old saying..... 'If it aint Broke, don't try and fix it!' P

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