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Light Painting Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Light Painting Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Every time I think light painting is a fad that will soon reach, "seen it all before" status, some one comes along and changes my mind. Enter Dennis Calvert. If you want to see some spectacular examples of this exploding art form, check out some of Dennis's work below.

via [PhotoJojo] [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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Hooolyyy :)

Wow! Thats amazing!
You just have to be impressed by shit like this. Awesome!

Amazing, and to be honest, I can't quite make out how on earth he made those...

Martin Booth's picture

Some of them I can see how it's either a sparkler or lazer pen, but a lot of them must have a hell of a set up!

Shimmer's picture

cool but each shot is the same kinds of things in the same place, so it doesn't really have variety or impress. i  mean if their was a page 2, i'd expect to see the same stuff in the center of the photo, on a person.

Mike M's picture

 I think it impresses, but I agree some of the images have a lot of negative space, which doesn't always add to the image. 

And the images with the same technique in them, do fail to impress the second time around. 

romain VERNEDE's picture

tried steel wool this summer.....night session was fun!!

Fetching image ...

They are fantastic! Here's my first attempt:

John Starns

Phenomenal!!! I got to try this. : )

yep that is AMAZING WORK! 

Nick Shek's picture

that is so damn cool! how do you do the fire one?

Ideas_R_Bulletproof's picture


Joseph Figaniak's picture

This is one of my favorite artists on flickr.  He does alot of painting with light and long exposures.

I really, really liked the second image. Wow..

Very impressive ! I really like the "fire" stuff
Also thanks Jaron for the DIY

Mike M's picture

LED, lasers, sparklers, and likely flashlights in some cases.

I applaud his skill at pre-visualizing how me plans to manipulate light though.

John Starns's picture

Here are a few more of my first attempts:

JimmySchaefer's picture

I feel bad for the guy on fire, he died shortly after the pictures where developed. JK!!!!

northierthanthou's picture

Interesting pics.

Mike Gardner's picture

Every picture link seems to be broken here. :(

Arcadius Kul's picture

so WoW !  I did try this before - but didnt achieve  result like this :)

Sebastian K's picture

Making of ? :)

Andrew Chavis's picture

I wish I was more patient because I love the idea of light painting. People find so many creative ways to use light in this way.