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Lok Cheung Also Leaves DRTV, the Biggest Photography Channel on YouTube

What on earth is going on with the world? Just when you think everything is as it should be, suddenly it all seems turned on its head, and you are left wondering if the old certainties were so certain after all. Hot of the heels of Kai Man Wong’s announcement a few days ago that he was leaving Digital Rev, one of the most popular photography channels on YouTube, long term co-host Lok Cheung has just announced he, too, is going it alone.

Originally the cameraman for DRTV, Lok soon joined Kai in front of the camera. In doing so, he developed a uniquely awkward style which contrasted so well against the boisterousness of his co-host. Together they managed to build a huge audience with their often irreverent look at the world of photography.

As Kai did before him, Lok was at pains to stress there was no particular reason for leaving Digital Rev, no big fall out or argument which preceded his departure, and wished the remaining team all the best for the future. But now, without both Kai and Lok, it is hard to imagine DRTV being the same. I am sure there will be a few active discussions going on right now about the future of the YouTube channel.

In the meantime, what's next for Lok now he has been set free on an unsuspecting world? Will he team up with Kai to launch their own photography channel? Well according to his video, the answer appears to be “quite likely.” Certainly both have clearly expressed their intentions to continue making videos for YouTube, and it would seem to make sense to combine their efforts once again.

So whilst Digital Rev will now have to manage without the services of their longest running presenters, maybe the rest of us may well see them reunited sooner, rather than later. For now though, here are a few videos which show why Lok was such a big part of making DRTV the success it has been.

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Paul Choy is an international documentary photographer, writer, and official Fujifilm X-Photographer. He specialises in telling stories of the people he meets and the places he visits through the photographs he capture. His work has taken him across six continents, documenting beautifully unscripted moments of everyday life all over the world.

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They could partner up with Alamby and take over the world.

What is Alamby up to these days? My impression was always that she left because she had other things she wanted to do.

Hence I am imagining a number of sublimely silly videos with Kai and Lok (both in ridicules disguises) trying to interact with Alamby, trying to pull her back into "the life" and Alamby being annoyed and calling the cops.

They are totally teaming up.it's too big of a coincidence.

I hope he teams back up with Kai and build a massive brand for themselves. These guys could dominate that space.

Maybe Kai, Lok, and Alamby can team up with Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of The Camera Store.

So next week, will we see a video in which the "bloody Producer" announces that he's leaving too?

It would be appropriate.

Amazon needs to pick up these 2 lads.

and gak,

Yeah, the best videos were with those three.

WOW! Just WOW! As everyone's speculation, I hope it ain't over. I don't want the fat-lady to sing just yet.

Casey, Kai, Lok... who's next, Chris and Jordan????
Change is growth if we like it or not... You divorced people know what I'm talking about! ;)