AmazonTube, YouTube's Nemesis, Might Become Reality

AmazonTube, YouTube's Nemesis, Might Become Reality

I regularly view vlogs and how-to videos on YouTube. It's a vital resource for any photographer or videographer, and we all know that it's been a compliment to our businesses in the visual arts industries. I've noted that the vloggers don't just monetize their YouTube channels with the ads that are displayed before the video starts. No, they use affiliate links to all the gear they used to make the video in the description below the video on YouTube. What will it mean for us if Amazon starts their own video platform like YouTube? 

What Is Affiliate Linking?

Affiliate linking is when a person uses a modified and trackable link to an online store in their writing or YouTube video description. If someone uses that link and purchases the product on the site, in this case Amazon, the content creator will get a percentage of the sale profit. Here is a video that describes what it is:

Amazon Could Actually Do It

Amazon is one of the companies with the resources and reach to actually be a competitor to YouTube. One thing Amazon could offer is giving content creators a bigger click-through sales profit percentage on the affiliate links on AmazonTube instead of YouTube, at least for a few months.


Both companies are fighting it out for the online retail and entertainment industries. On the same day Amazon filed the trademark for AmazonTube, Google made it known that they intend to block YouTube videos on the Amazon platforms. 

I would say that affiliate linking is one of the main reasons Amazon and YouTube are as huge as they are today, and it'll only get bigger if a competitor joins in the market.

[via Business Insider]

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Yes, Youtube needs competition very badly. I'm honestly surprised another site hasn't popped up by now.

The cost of entry to the market is massive, so another big player has to decide it's worth it.

I hope Amazon does it. YouTube needs a swift kick in the rear. It has no competition so it does as it pleases with out regard to it's users.

I guess a duopoly is slightly better than a monopoly. A third player, preferably from outside the US, would be much better again...

Alibabatube :P.

Ha, bring it on! Maybe Youku Tudou will become more popular in the west. I'd really like to see the Europeans raise a genuine challenger. That'd be the best chance at real competition.

Lol, there's not a country in the world where people are completely free to say whatever they want. Every country has its taboos.

It's not an opinion I agree with, either. But that's not the point, as I also disagree with the holocaust deniers.

Oh I see you've changed everything you wrote previously, Bob! Actually, the laws against holocaust denial are there for the same reason as the laws against proposing somebody's house is burned down. The comparison is therefore most appropriate.

But never mind, I know another taboo in your culture is not to consider the possibility that the freedoms you were taught you had may not be all they were cracked up to be.

So maybe you could re-edit your previous comments, reply with something else short and silly, hit "thumbs down" again and then we'll move on to considering photography related issues...

This could be such an awesome thing, Amazon needs to make this happen.

It's hard to compete with a company that operates at a loss.

Amazon already owns Twitch, I think it would a a poor move to start a new service when they could utilize an already existing and popular one.

"Google made it known that they intend to block YouTube videos on the Amazon platforms." Sounds like a Net Neutrality issue.