Magical Photography Exhibit Under the Sea

Resting 120 feet below the water and towering 55 feet above the sea floor, lays the sunken ship Vandenberg and an exhibition of 12 photos by Andreas Franke titled, "Life Below The Surface". I passed this article over last week but Reese made me take a second look and I'm glad she did.


via [The Vandenberg] [CubeMe]

If you're as gadget obsessed as I am you maybe interested in knowing this is my first post edited and published from an iPad 2.

From Kenn:
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Jaron Schneider's picture

So I have to scuba dive to see these photos? Interesting...

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm about to start my certification this me down there

Good luck.

Being a underwater photographer for over 10 years... I must admit,  These are incredible not only for their artistic value but for their blending of both realms, the real world of  underwater life and what I perceive as the urban eastern block, cold war era of the ship when it was in its prime.  A tribute to both.  Kudos And yes I know its not a Russian ship.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for posting! I loved this idea. I'm all about photo-based work or art that forces the viewer to actively engage with the pieces, and I love that experiencing these ethereal photographs requires viewer to literally submerge themselves underwater. That being said, a friend of mine argued that extreme gallery settings are straight up gimmicky... "Wrong!" I say. Thoughts?