Manfrotto Announces a New Line of Pro Bags and Apparel

When looking for a professional gear bag the main question seems to be Lowepro or ThinkTank.  But now Manfrotto has thrown their hat into the ring by announcing it's new pro line series of bags and apparel.  The Lino line has feature packed bags, jackets, vests, gloves and more.  It all seems incredibly functional, with pockets that expand to hold strobes and lenses and gloves that store memory cards. I'm not so sure about the style of the clothes yet but hey, they're Italian, who am I to judge their fashion sense?

The modular pocket system hooks all the way up into the coat's shoulders to better distribute the weight and when you're not using the expanded pockets, they're padded, and can be used as knee pads. The coats and vest even have epaulets and strap locks that can snap down over your camera's or bag's straps to prevent them from slipping off or bouncing around too much. Even the shoulders are extra padded to reduce weight strain.

You should know that all these little conveniences come with a pretty heavy price tag and as of yet are only available in the UK. But I'm more than happy to let our friends across the pond work out all the kinks for us and let us know if this gear is worth the price tag. ;)

As always I want to hear what you guys think, so leave your comments below.

As one of our readers courteously accurately pointed out, these products were announced some time ago and are available here in the US already. If this post peaked your interest you can get them here from B&H.










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Everything looks very Military....not what you want when Police and Security officials are already on our backs about shooting in public places!

Same goes for the white Canon lenses... draws way too much attention sometimes.

Stefanos L's picture

We should blend right in then! :p

Patrick Hall's picture

I gotta get one of those vests!

The backpack looks interesting and the gloves

This is rather pathetic. Recycling a year old press release should be bellow your standards. All of this was announced at Photokina 2010, almost a full 12 months ago. Also, contrary to what you "report" they have been available in the US for quite some time. I don't know exactly how long, but I've had my jacket for over 2 months. It is widely available at camera stores all over the country. I'm not sure what rock you live under, but get with it!

I have the jacket, I love the styling, and the shoulders have laws-of-physics-defying grip.

Kenn Tam's picture

Thanks for the update and your take on the product Dave.  That's the last time I write a post in bed with the flu.  Maybe :P

José T.'s picture

Lowepro has been releasing gear like this for years. They have way more experience in this than Manfrotto. I have a Lowepro Computrekker Plus AW and a Lowepro Stealth Reporter D300, and I don't think I'll ever find something similar, they're simply perfect.

Kenn Tam's picture

I only have Lowepro bags myself (some where in the ball park of a dozen at this point).  There are a few features I see around that I would like to see Lowepro adopt but I'm quite happy with their gear.  
As for Manfrotto, all my supports and stands are from them or Gitzo (same distributer) so I'm interested in checking out their soft shell jackets and raincoats.

Woah! $300 gloves!? Really? I'd like some cold weather gloves that I can still work a camera with, but not $300 worth. (assuming they actually would keep my hands warm)

All Manfrotto products are an absolute rip off and as China is one of their distributers, the products are most likely made there. $300 for gloves! Anyone going to Everest ? Get real Manfrotto. 

Patrick Hall's picture

Rip off? Every lightstand, tripod, and grip piece I have from them has outlasted pretty much every other version I've bought.

E's picture

Is that me or the bag just looks like a disaster waiting to happen with all the weight of the gear separate from the shoulder straps by a small zipper... Wouldn't trust it with my gear!

I can honestly say every last piece of this stuff looks horrible. LOL if you wear a vest.

This is what I would call VERY expensive. If they had long experience, it could be something to consider, but this looks just way overpriced...

That vest will match my over-sized fanny pack perfectly