Model Scouts Lurking On Young Girls Outside Eating Disorder Clinics

Model Scouts Lurking On Young Girls Outside Eating Disorder Clinics

The fashion industry often can carry a negative connotation with people and this story certainly won't help that. Appearently model scouts have been lurking outside Stockholm's largest eating disorder clinic in search of fresh talent to bring back to their agencies.

The Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders recently was highlighted by the local paper since they filed complaints about scouts handing out business cards to patients as young as 14- patients who may have even been too ill to model. The agents defended themselves by "claiming that they approach healthy, normally slim young people and that they never urge anyone to lose weight," Lillman-Ringborg told the TT news agency.

It still remains unclear if one or several agencies were responsible for sending scouts to recruit models at the clinic. It's really unfortunate what scouts will go through to seek out what they feel is needed in the industry.

Where do you draw the line?

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Old news... + this was not a professional agency..

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lol.. at least they are clever....

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wow, you really trying hard with this one.

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So, who's the next Kate Moss?

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Sounds like something Barney Stinson would do

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Old and media created story:
1. The clinic is located center of the capital of Sweden and the cases reported were not AT the clinic. It was NEAR it. During walks and waiting in taxi line etc.
2. There was something like 4-5 cases reported over a period of 5 years.
3. The clinic has well over thousand patients at any given time.