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Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching

Modular Camera Concept Allows Sensor Switching

Most cameras are not designed to be any more modular than switching a lens out. They are next to impossible to user-service or upgrade, and if you want to use a different lens system and there isn't an adapter...too bad. That's where Korean designers Dae jin Ahn and Chun hyun Park come in. Their modular camera concept envisions a future where the user can upgrade or completely change key aspects of their system with ease.

The system is called Equinox and it's based on the square core you see pictured below.


Each "core" is made up of a specific sensor and mount pairing and allows you to attach a variety of bodies to it. As it stands the concept shows three different body styles. From a barebones grip and viewfinder to a more familiar body that allows for full manual controls. They have even fleshed out an idea for a studio base that tethers (pictured below).


Overall I think this is a fantastic concept however unlikely it is to actually be produced. There are some things I would love to see fleshed out more, like battery and card compatability, as well as viewfinder or LCD options for the more robust body styles. There are some problems to consider too...my first thought on seeing the studio rig was how fragile it looked having all that weight on a small sensor unit.

All great things start as a small idea and I'm really hoping this one gains traction as time goes on.

Via PetaPixel and Gizmodo

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Kind of similar to Richohs modular system but so much more elegant. Its a real shame that the vendors wont compete on merit in an open system like this but instead try to lock us in using proprietary mounts and accessories.

Kind of similar to Ricoh's GXR but much LESS elegant. There are no details

This would be great. Game changing

Wow. This is a fantastic idea. I'd like to see the body a little bigger; as commented below, it gives the impression of being fragile but, man, this is cool.

How are they going to make it cost effective to make arguably the most expensive part of the camera interchangeable?

soo... basically ricoh GXR but without locking you into set lenses

Interesting. I sincerely hope they have "fleshed out" a solution for sensor dust though!

I think mounted into a good frame, like the top-rear grip, would give this better strength. Definitely a great idea, hopefully they'll flesh this out. Picture swapping between MF, FX, and DX systems as needed.

yeah i would if it was a good camera, i'm not too bothered about being able to switch sensors, etc. I take a spare body with me anyways (nex for it's compactness) so i always have different cameras in any case (both crop and FF, etc.).
I'd buy it if it was worth it's cost and gave a good image.

Three words to consider what would be the toughest problem for such a design and existing lenses:

Flange focal distance.

So you'd need an adapter to cope with this, and the compact design would be lost. This adaptor would however be neat with a tripod mount.

All this and more is already available from ALPA. And with the recent introduction of the FPS, they go even further, because the FPS basically is a shutter and control unit. Lens and sensor mounts are modular. So I can pair up my Phase One sensor with Rodenstock, Schneider, Mamiya, Hassleblad, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Leica R, and other lenses.