[News] Fake Gear Alert: Are Your Nikon Filters the Real Deal?

[News] Fake Gear Alert: Are Your Nikon Filters the Real Deal?

Well it looks like they are at it again. Who are they you ask? The parasites that produce knockoff gear and sell them as the real McCoy, of course. Our very own Lee Morris brought you the news about knockoff battery grips and now 1Kind Photography has brought counterfeit filters to our attention. Check out the comparison pictures below but if you want a full explanation of the fakes and how to spot them, you just have to head over to 1KindPhotography. And be sure to thank them for getting your backs. In the mean time be sure to purchase your filters from a reputable dealer like B&H.

via [1KindPhotography] [NikonRumors]
From Kenn:
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Just wanted to say thanks for posting this up. I couldn't find any information myself and wanted to help the community. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Well, I just ran and checked all my filters. Pleased to report that they are all legit! Since there was one I bought on Amazon and not B&H, I was glad to see that. Thanks for the info!

Funny question : do they work the same way ?

This is really the most important question. After that Lee Morris grip article I bought the knockoff grip for my camera and I've had zero issues with it.

Unfortunately, I returned my fake filter back to get my refund and forgot to take a picture comparison with the filter on. However, I placed both filters on a white piece of paper and didn't notice much discoloration. But this is just by looking.

WTF, Great information to know. Thanks

Nikon MC might be the worst uv I ever used! On a 17-40L it produced visible colored edge and got me into the so called correction hell on ps

So no matter is it fake or not, don't buy it. Go for a Bw, a Hoya HD or a Kenko pro1 instead.

I don't think I have the box, container or instructions anymore to even do a comparison. My images look ok so I'm not gonna sweat it.

the fake packaging is easier to read, ha!

 any thing for Canon ?

I haven't read anything about Canon filters but I wouldn't be surprised. If there is interest, I may go and purchase a fake filter on eBay and purchase a real one from an authorized retailer.