Photographer Arrested for Drugging Parents and Trying to Steal a Baby

Photographer Arrested for Drugging Parents and Trying to Steal a Baby

Police have arrested a photographer in Washington state on charges of attempted kidnapping and second-degree assault after she was alleged to have offered free photoshoots with newborns, drugging their parents, and trying to steal their babies.

As reported by The Daily Beast (3 free articles then paywall), Juliette Parker, who also went by the names Juliette Noel, used Facebook groups to seek out parents of newborns. Offering to shoot for free in order to build her portfolio, it is thought that Parker was attempting to drug parents during the sessions at families’ homes so that she could steal a baby.

Pierce County Sherriff’s Department has since issued a statement announcing the arrest of Parker and her 16-year-old daughter and asking for other potential victims to come forward.

The arrest came after the mother of a five-month-old baby undertook a series of free photoshoots with Parker. During the third photoshoot at the victim’s home, the mother of the infant fell ill after eating a cupcake offered by Parker and her daughter. After experiencing “numbness, drowsiness, instability on her feet” and vomiting, the victim told the pair to leave and contacted emergency services. The suspect is thought to have stolen the victim’s house keys.

Anyone with information should contact Pierce County Sherriff’s Department by calling 253-798-7724.

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Steven Magner's picture

Her mugshot looks like an instagram landscape photographer photoshopped a bird in place of her right eyebrow.

Ryan Davis's picture

The worst part about this is how these would-be baby stealers are offering photography services for free. First it was weddings, and now kidnappings. Really blowing out the market, you know?

Rob Waller's picture

I know right. You'd think she'd at least want to charge a nominal $50 for the sitting, if only to establish herself as a professional ;)

Criminal. Not a photographer.

Dylan Bishop's picture

I know camera gear is expensive but this is ridiculous! Sorry, I’ll show myself out..

Logan Sorenson's picture

"Woman posing as a photographer" right?

anya-adora's picture

I live in Seattle and this really shocked me when this news broke. I always thought of photography as a positive thing and it really bothered me to hear someone was masquerading as a photographer in order to do this. It was all over the news here and i think it's safe to say everyone, photographer or not was freaked out by this story.