Photographer Holds Professional Photoshoot for Eight-Year-Old Girl Turned Away From School Photos

A Chicago-based photographer drove to Michigan to treat an eight-year-old girl to a professional photoshoot after she was “devastated” at being turned away from her school’s picture day for having red hair extensions that violated school policy.

The incident happened to Marian Scott, a third-grader at Paragon Charter Academy in Michigan, back in October. Scott’s father, Doug, expressed his upset, claiming the school’s actions were “uncalled for” and that the institution “didn’t even call us.” Speaking to WILX-TV, he said:

Marian didn't leave the house, go down the street and go get this done on her own. She's eight years old. We did this ourselves in our own home, and there's just no way that I felt like this would happen. If they at least would have reached out to us and said: 'Hey, come get her, she's got a hair issue, we need you to change it, that's not allowed, I could show you in the handbook,' they didn't even go to those extents. They let her stay in school... so if she's not a disruption to the class, then why is she a disruption to the picture?

The school’s policy is that hair color must be natural, something they say was reiterated in the lead-up to picture day, but Scott claims he didn’t receive the memo.

That’s when photographer Jermaine Horton reached out, offering Scott a photoshoot of her own. He says his motivation was imagining “what this would do to such a beautiful little girl."

The clothes for the shoot were even donated by designers. Horton says he asked Scott to “let her emotions out,” and these are the resulting images.

He added:

I'm so blessed to have been a part of this to give her an amazing day that showed her that she truly is beautiful and her hair color was the BOMB! Of course, we kept it for the shoot!

Lead image: Jermaine Horton.

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Daniel Bayer's picture

For all you haters without a reason, here are the FACTS:

- Yes, there was a rule about "unnatural hair colors" at the school BUT this are only extensions, and not her whole hair. No one EVER had complain about it before the shoot.

- Her parents respected the school decision. They didn't like it, but they didn't asked for "special treatment" either.

- The school didn’t attempt to reach out to them before pulling Marian aside and making her sit the photos out, nor did they pull her from class or otherwise point out the policy until picture day.

- It's a kid. An eight year old kid, you heartless bastards.

Rules are important for a society. Unjust rules or biased enforced ones aren't.

David Pavlich's picture

First, calling people names that believe that rules are rules, not suggestions, will get you nowhere. If the rule about hair was unreasonable, then you'd have a point, but this isn't unreasonable. Plus, the rules were written well before picture day.

Read the rules and if there's something you don't like, don't wait until it's a problem to address the rule(s).

Daniel Bayer's picture

I never said rules are suggestions, but if you gonna lawyer up about it, the rule is about hair colors and not extensions. And my point got way over you head, you probably only read the 'heartless bastards' and got angry about.

Martin Leblanc's picture

"Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Really?

matthew ware's picture

Wow! The kind of art performance we need today! It has obvious and very important message on peoples' freedom unlike many photos pretending to be about postmodern.