Photographer's Image of SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Circulates Internet Without Credit, Ends Up on New York Times

Photographer's Image of SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Circulates Internet Without Credit, Ends Up on New York Times

A photographer who snapped a long exposure image of a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch and landing has reached out to the internet for advice after finding his image circulating the internet without credit, including within a New York Times article.

Voicing his concern, 19-year-old student Marcus Cote from Satellite Beach, Florida, took to Reddit to explain his story. He says that a day or so after posting the photo on his own social media pages, it had begun circulating and being shared without credit. One Twitter user had posted the image, later apologizing and removing it at the request of Cote. However, by this point, it seems the damage was already done. The photo had become widespread, even appearing in this New York Times article without any kind of reference or credit. Cote has reached out to NYT to try and have the situation rectified.

The reaction from other Reddit users seems positive; the general consensus seems to be that, in their experience, most photo editors are more than happy to credit images, or compensate financially where applicable. The issue arises through the image being embedded via Twitter – technically speaking, NYT hasn’t committed any crimes. An embed of a tweet (or Instagram post) is not infringing on copyright. 

Lead image credit by NASA on Unsplash.

[via Reddit]

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Ugh hate seeing this happen from huge publications, it's so easy to track this back to the photographer to credit them!!

Leigh Miller's picture

Well why complain....your getting exposure which will make you lot's of money down the road.

Pedro Pulido's picture

no comments........

Ronnie Dai's picture

This sucks but on the bright side, the image went viral and Im pretty sure he made "some" money on it and he can put New York Times published photographer in his description.

William Howell's picture

Plus the photographer has gotten publicity from several photography blogs, that’s a good thing. And he deserves credit for taking such a kick-ass photograph of the rocket launch.