Fly Me to the Moon and Let Me Photograph the Trip: You Just Might Have a Chance

Photography can open a world of opportunities, but now it can open up opportunities beyond Earth. SpaceX's first space tourist, Yusaku Maezawa, plans to invite a group of artists including a photographer to travel to the moon with him.

Maezawa recently announced that not only has he purchased a seat on SpaceX's BFR flight to the moon, but he has purchased the entire flight. Since the early days of space travel, the missions have primarily been manned first by test pilots and then by various scientists. And while the human race has learned great things about space and how humans respond to space travel, their experiences have always been from a scientific view. Maezawa wants to change that with his little group of artists. His vision is to inspire the artist in a way that artists have never been inspired before, by flying them to the moon.

Of course, humans have taken thousands of awe-inspiring photographs from space of Earth and the moon. But what images will be created when the first photographic artist in space has five days to create? I imagine the pressure on the photographer will be immense. NASA's images of Earth and the moon are already breathtaking. To be the photographer who is to go into space and create something different from anything seen before by the human race might just be a little stressful, don't you think? The photography community talks about how stressful shooting a one-time event can be; imagine if the whole world was to review your work as the first photographic artist in space. Would you still take the trip if the opportunity was given to you?

If selected for the trip, how would you shoot the mission? What would be your artistic vision for the flight?

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Doug Turney is a Connecticut based photographer who specializes in non-ball sport types of photography such as motocross, sailing, and cycling. But that doesn’t stop him from shooting other types of photography too. Doug believes photography is photography and doesn’t like to be typecast. Doug loves to travel and often shoots when traveling.

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My vision would be detail and express the important relationship the moon has for all humanity.

i just got off the phone with him, i'm in.

Give me some cards and batteries. I would snap the sh*t out of it.

shooting the moon up close with a lomo would be nice

If you go, make sure your camera has 2 card slots...

To be honest I think I would treat it a bit like a wedding. It's a story to be told, not just the awe-inspiring spacescapes.

The stuff is really exciting! As far as I know, the Americans want to go to the moon with a new attempt. Who knows, maybe there in 100 years will be able to offer hotels by And now it is good that on earth there is a possibility in life at every point and not expensive

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