Photojournalist Robbed Twice in One Day in Detroit

Photojournalist Robbed Twice in One Day in Detroit

It should be surprising to hear about the same person getting robbed in one day. It should be even more surprising when you hear that the victim, Christopher Morris, has photographed wars in over 18 countries including Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and Chechnya. He is obviously no stranger to dangerous situations. Yet despite all of his experience in chaos and war, Detroit got him. Not once but twice.

Morris was on assignment yesterday, a rare positive story about Detroit and the resurgence of the Jeep brand, when 3 men broke into his rental car and made off with his gear and phone. After tracking and following the thieves via the "FindMyiPhone" app Morris was confronted by a man showing proof of access to the gear. After demanding and receiving a $200 reward the "good samaritan" never came back with the gear.

Naturally the police were contacted and although initially unable to enter the premises due to lack of a warrant the case is still being addressed by the Detroit PD.

Via Deadline Detroit and PetaPixel

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ah yes, good old detroit. Ive shot there a lot. I honestly never leave my camera out of sight there and usually travelled with armed support. no joke

He left his gear in and shiny new clean rental car in McDonalds parking lot in an inner city. Replace Detroit with any other city name.


"Replace Detroit with any other city name.” Beijing. New Hope, PA. Princeton, NJ.

Detroit is worse than a war zone.

If you (as a Detroiter) believe this is normal of any metropolis maybe Detroiter's expectations of normal should be higher...

I have shot in Detroit on many occasions and I still have my gear. You keep your gear because you watch it everywhere you shoot. You don't know anything about war zones if you think Detroit is worse because some equipment was stolen. Did anyone get beheaded and was there an IED or drone attack?

Detroit is the scum around the drain of the bathtub of America. There are many reasons why more than 60% of its population has moved away in the last decade.

Ouch... that's my city mang. Take it easy!

He was robbed once, when they stole the goods from his car.He was conned the second time, and it's his own fault for trusting a thief.

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Fool me once, shame on you...

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I feel bad for the guy for the first time. The second time he got robbed...he was just a sucker.

good ol useless pigs...

the only city where the cops are afraid to come out at night....and yes, guns are totally banned in the city, so that's not the "solution" :-P

No they're not, you're thinking of Chicago. But even if they're banned in the city, people who want guns can STILL travel outside the city, buy them there and bring them back INTO the city. Heck for Chicago, I think it's about 80% of guns that are fired in the city come from the SAME gun store outside the city!

How about this, don't ban guns, just require everyone who buys one to pass a gun safety class BEFORE they can buy one? You know, the gun safety class the NRA runs.

HA. Yes because it's gun safety that is the issue. All those gun fires and murder are result of improper gun operation... -_-

Feels like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but here the guys don't leave equipment inside a car and leave. Even because most of the insurance plans don't cover this case of theft. Even if you stop by a bakery for a piss and a snack.
Get ready for World Cup buddies hehe, it's gonna be like hell

Unfortunately the US is one of the worst places in the world when it comes to photo equipment theft. My insurance company has advised me never to check any photo gear when I take a flight inside of the US. Outside of the states is fine, but in the states things just tend to disappear.

Dan at Vigorotaku

I get zero sound from this video..

My father spent a lot of time in Detroit while he was growing up. You couldn't pay him to spend any time there 30 years ago and that was before things got worse.

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Well so far i've lived in Detroit for two years and haven't had a single issue with my gear, but yeah, true, I've also never let it out of sight. The city really doesn't quite live up to all it's supposed horror.