Photos from the Fantasy World of Marwencol

Mark Hogancamp suffered a brain damaging assault that left him having to relearn how to live. Lacking any memory of his past and being cut off from adequate health care for recuperation he created his own miniature fantasy world as a form of art therapy. The photographs created out of the narratives of Marwencol (his fantasy world) are creatively realistic and have resulted in the creation of "Marwencol", a documentary movie (available on Netflix).






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From Kenn:
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thumbs up for 2 puppet posts in a row ;)

Kenn Tam's picture

Ya I thought that might be a touch weird but then I said, "Screw it!  Mine is better."  It's the battle of the puppet posts.  Let's see who's gets more traction. ;P

Oh hey look!
Mine already has 2 comments. o_O

that is very very cool!  i so want to go watch that film.

Kenn Tam's picture

Ya.  When I heard of this I jumped on Netflix and watched it. :P

Joe Papagoda's picture

That 3rd photo is just awesome.

Siddharth Sirohi's picture

This is awesome. I'm gonna watch the film right now.

A very good documentary.  I actually stumbled across this one night on my local PBS station.  Without knowing any back story (I did miss the very beginning), I was oddly amused at first, but became very interested right away.  I agree with what was said that his pictures aren't gimmicky.  He is documenting the story line, not doing it as some gimmick just taking pictures of GI Joes.

Shaka Mayers's picture

These are sooooo freaking AWWEEESSOOMMME!!!!! <3<3<3!!!