Photos of Rumored Nikon D780 Leak Online

Photos of Rumored Nikon D780 Leak Online

The first images of Nikon’s anticipated D780 have appeared online. Ahead of the official announcement, expected sometime this week, photos showing every angle of the new model have surfaced.

Due to be announced in an official capacity at CES, images of the D780 come via Nikon Rumors, who has published what appear to be legitimate product shots of the new gear.

The pictures suggest Nikon hasn’t included the AF selection joystick that has appeared on previous camera models, such as the D500. The AE-L/AF-L button has been move further down the body, while an AF-ON button is now above it.

At the top of the body is the ISO selection button, behind the shutter button. The rumors suggest it will contain a 24MP BSI CMOS sensor, improved low-light shooting, a more powerful image processor, dual USH-II SD card slots, 4K/30p video recording, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

We’ve yet to see pictures of the underside of the camera. From the images unveiled so far, though, it may be bad news for fans of shooting in portrait orientation, as it seems to appear there’s no vertical grip yet.

As with every rumor, we’ll have to await the official announcement in order to confirm exact specifications.

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Vincent Alongi's picture

Probably a great option for those jumping to full frame DSLR. Probably not a wise decision to upgrade if you already have a D750 (like myself). Would love to try this out for its low-light capabilities when it comes out, but I'm really thinking for me, the next system will be mirrorless. I'm riding out the 750... and hoping Nikon really hits a home run in their future offerings. I don't want to have to jump to Sony, for instance.

Robert Budding's picture

The D780 will provide a fraction of a stop in high ISO capability. I'd recommend that anyone new to full frame buy a D750 instead of the D780.

Anders Madsen's picture

OK, I need someone to help me out here. I'm really trying to understand how this went down in the meeting room at Nikon HQ, because the only way I can envision is this, and it makes absolutely no sense:

"OK, you all know the issue here - we are getting clobbered by Sony and we are bleeding money. We need a strategy that will bring in cash and we need it quick. Yes, Tonchiki-San, you have an idea?

Certainly, Mujakina-San! So, as we all know, we need all professional photographers to buy D850 or D5 cameras in order to maximize revenue, whether they want to or not.

So far we've managed to keep the Z-series out of the hands of the event photographers by limiting it to only one card slot, and the portrait photographers has been dissuaded by the lack of a battery grip with proper buttons for vertical usage, but instead of buying our flagship D850, those scrooges have opted for the much cheaper D750 (booos and sounds of disapproval from around the table).

For that reason I suggest that we remove the connector pins for a portrait grip on the D780 as well, making sure that portrait photographers will have the choice between the D850 or severe cramps at the end of the day, while event photographers will have to swap batteries or go D850 during the reception.

Also, as an added bonus, I suggest that we remove the internal flash in order to save a bit of production cost and secure a better revenue stream from our speedlite-division - after all, it should be easy to convince gullible amateurs that they are buying a more "pro" camera since only "pro" cameras are without an internal flash.

No, we're not putting a GPS in the D780, so we don't really need the extra space in the prism housing, but still - whatever we can remove and replace with external devices will increase profits.

All in all, we will be continuing down the glorious path to making most of our future cameras unusable for the current user base, forcing them to pay for cameras twice as expensive if they want to keep all the features currently available to them. The profits will be almost uncountable, Mujakina-San!"

Yeah, pay twice the amount or jump ship to Sony and get the A7 III instead...what the <beep> am I missing here? Has Nikon completely lost their marbles?

marcgabor's picture

Looks like I'll be holding on to my D750 for another 5 years.

marcgabor's picture

I have to say, I kind of like having the choice between SLR and MLC. D850 in the studio, Z6/Z7 in the field.