Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet

Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet

Avanaut (aka Vesa Lehtimäki) is proof that creativity, ingenuity and photography know how, are the qualities that make an intriguing photo. With out a camera worth thousands of dollars or pencil thin models, Avanaut has turned out some dynamic shots, using primarily, Star Wars lego figures. His use of light, perspective and inexpensive props, produced some very cool dramatic scenes full of motion. See the results for yourself and check out Avanaut's Flickr Stream for more wonderful shots.

via [GeekTyrant] [Avanaut's Flickr Stream]
From Kenn:
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Aurimas Liutikas's picture

Amazing album!

Justin Isaac's picture

Great stuff!

Jonathan Lapointe's picture

Sorry but you don't tell us what he uses for camera and I can't seem to find info about that on any of his flickr photos. Misleading title ?

Infinity Photo's picture

Brilliant stuff. Kudos to him!
(Exif says is a Canon 400D, but really who cares about the camera this guy understands light & composition in an unique way!)

Chris Helton's picture

agreed BRILLIANT stuff and he understands lighting and composition in a unique way. But I have to say it was a bit misleading too. Should include what you shot with and how you accomplished it.

Thanks fstoppers for for a great post. But when you say 'see.. amazing shots and it doesnt take awesome gear' well, tell us what gear it was lol

Matt Hill's picture

I think the point was that it looks straight out of the movie but done on a much smaller scale. Not what he shot with. 

James Robertson's picture

this needs a BTS video

Ghislain Leduc's picture

JUST AMAZING!! Wow, good article!!!

amazing stuff, love this!

Golgo Thirteen's picture

he showed how he did these shots a while back. He shoots them while they are in a fish tank so he can get the snow to float. There are some really great toy photographers out there and he is one of them.

Simon T.'s picture

very inspiring!!! bring on the BTS (please)

Been following avanaut since a while on Flickr, his work is just impressive and stunning. Not quite sure at all on how he does it, but whatever it is, secret recipe or public.. he's got a talent. Surfing his flickr stream can become highly addictive :D

LEVARWEST Benjamin's picture

I know this pic (flickR is my friend) this artist are just amazing !

Holy smoke! This is some SICK stuff. Looks real and unreal at the same moment.


Lee Morris's picture

killer post!

Michael Battenberg's picture

Wow.... note to self: The most important elements in a great shot are imagination, play and a cinematic vision. Who needs TTL?

Wow !!! This is guy is amazing !!! just love it.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Ettore Toma's picture

love it! I'd like to watch a BTS video, hope he makes one :)

Andrew Keane's picture

Brilliant.  Love to add more but I have got to go, must get into the kids Lego collection

f1's picture

lovey dovey

Anonymous's picture

Post higher resolution versions, some of these would make awesome wallpapers

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

Yes, I'm sure he's just thrilled to give away his creative work for free. You should ask a popular music artist to give you a high quality recording of a song of theirs for free. I'm sure they'd do that too.

Jen Johnston's picture

Really great collection from a very talented artist, but the article is very misleading with its title. After cruising his photostream you can plainly see that among other cameras he uses a Canon 5DMKII for some of his shooting. If that isn't thousands of dollars worth of gear in your eyes, I'd like to know where you definitions of wealth lie...

Steven Solidarios's picture

At least he wasn't using medium format with Broncolor strobes.

very good job

Cris Ronk's picture

 Great hobby. It looks like it was a lot of fun working on these shot. Kudos to the photographer.

Christopher Allen Major's picture

i'm heading out to the toy store right now!

Mike Hagen's picture

Totally awesome work. Loving the detail and the mood.

Vesa's picture

First, I'd like to thank Kenn Tam for the kind words, I'm very taken by them. That goes for the comments, too, thanks!

I'd also like to comment Jen Johnston's comment about the camera gear I use. I upgraded to 5DMK2 in November 2011, about the same time this article was published. Everything on my Flickr photostream before that is photographed with the 400D, the article is therefore correct and not misleading. :)

Tom Sherwood's picture

Amazing shots Vesa.  I would love to know how you accomplished the movement of the snow.  Is it flour or photoshop or some other awesomeness.  Very well done.  I also love toys.

That is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!  I really appreciate the creativity!!!! 

ThePope2012's picture

well i guess these images takes some photoshop work .. so that is another 900 $ from your wallet.  :)

but yes... i love it.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

Lol bro, you don't need $900 to have Photoshop

Jay Diabo's picture

Idk, all that cocaine the storm troopers were playing in. must have been pretty expensive braj.