Results from One Damn Scary Photo Booth

Results from One Damn Scary Photo Booth

If you haven't been there or heard of it, Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls is a haunted house that's actually scary shit. I know cause I've been there and still have the scars in my ribs from where my date's claws dug in. Over 100,000 people have chickened out and made the "Chicken List" and what's even scarier is they now have a photo booth inside, so you can't even pretend it didn't phase you. Picture walking in complete darkness through a maze, while clinging to the person infront of you and taking tiny unsure steps, when suddenly a car darts out of no where with its lights blasting and horn blaring. Now picture what someone's face would look like when this happens or better yet, see for yourself.

via [PopPhoto]
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Bruce Williams's picture

That was awesome! I have got to do this!

And the best boyfriend award goes to....

Fetching image ...
Patrick Santucci's picture

Caption: let's get married

Chip_Atl's picture

This is freakin' hilarious!

Zack Williamson's picture

That last one is classic haha

André Fernandes's picture

hahaha, I knew I had seen these images:

Patrick Hall's picture

haha those are pretty funny!  Old people and porn

Destin Danser's picture

Dude I live half an hour from there but I've never been to it. I'm TOTALLY going soon! That's AMAZING!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Deliciously embarrassing. 

(Yes, I too would've screamed)

HAHA! The one with that fat girl holding that kids shirt is hilarious!!!!! That kid just wants to get away so bad LOL

The real clever chap would be standing outside selling t-shirts (to replace the ones ripped by your friends) and clean underwear.

Wayne Leone's picture

Love it!!

LOL Those are great!

Matt Fitzgerald's picture

absolutely genius idea!

hahahahahahaha!!  I'm still laughing at these!  It's been like an hour and I'm still laughing.  soo good!

Absolutely hilarious!

Best post of the week. It made my day! :) 

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

I have images of my own from when I went to the Falls this past August. I also went to Screamers, which is just as scary. Love this post. 

This REALLY needs to be opened up for captions. 

Garrett Graham's picture

Made my morning!

Ron Sanchez's picture

that was incredible, i was laughing for 5min. lol lol

Melvin Sam-Sin's picture

That's funny stuff

Hahaha! I love these!