The Sony a7 III Is the Bestselling Mirrorless Camera in Japan, Has Outsold Nikon and Canon Combined

The Sony a7 III Is the Bestselling Mirrorless Camera in Japan, Has Outsold Nikon and Canon Combined

New sales data has revealed that Sony is leading the mirrorless market in Japan. Despite Nikon making their mark with the Z 6 and Z 7, and Canon with its EOS R and RP, it is Sony who has prevailed when it comes to sales figures.

The data, published by BCN, has now showed that Sony’s a7 III is the runaway success, managing to outsell all of Nikon and Canon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras combined.

Upon its release back in February of this year, the Canon EOS RP initially outsold the a7 III. However, in the months since, their positions have switched. Canon’s sales fell, while Sony’s continued to rise. Despite retailing at some $700 higher than the EOS RP, the a7 III took a leading 42% market share, as of April 2019. The Canon EOS RP, Canon EOS R, and Nikon Z 6 were the second, third, and fourth best-selling full-frame mirrorless cameras, respectively. However, their sales combined only account for 35% of the market. Sony’s a7 II takes fifth place.

So, why is the a7 III so favorable in Japan? BCN speculates that the EOS RP’s fall in sales could be due to full-frame mirrorless camera customers being “less sensitive to price differences.” They also suggested that Sony’s ecosystem already has a large number of native lenses, meanwhile the Canon RF system still currently only has four.

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Fear not, it'll spread. :P

Bjarne Solvik's picture

Maybe Sony is selling more because it’s a better camera?

Tony Tumminello's picture

"The Sony a7 III Is the Bestselling Full Frame Mirrorless Camera in Japan, Has Outsold Nikon and Canon Combined"

Fixed that for you, seems you missed a couple of words.

Rk K's picture

It's well deserved. Good to finally see canon loosing the first place after years of stagnation and zero r&d investment.

Rob Davis's picture

Congratulations on all the success of people who picked the correct camera brand. That’s the hardest thing you can possibly do as a photographer. Your consumer choice will reward you for the rest of your life. You deserve to be celebrated.

Deleted Account's picture


Joe blow's picture

And now if you take a bad photo, you can't blame it on the camera anymore :(

Michael Ma's picture

That explains the growth trend of sterile and color imbalanced photos in people's portfolios.

Eric Salas's picture

Your portfolio must be named, “unworthy” since it’s not even good enough for you to post.

tyler h's picture

I want to see what percentage of those sales that are the cheaper Japanese language only version of the A7iii.

Bill Zidis's picture

I went from Nikon to Fuji and my friend has the A7R3,I never understood what people mean by saying bad colour science until I saw the results from a Sony camera.Truly amazing camera but the colours are mess

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Really ? Please do tell Bill.

Bill Zidis's picture

I'm reffering only to Jpeg sooc.were bit washed out but nothing can't fix in lightroom

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Gotcha, but it's kind of pointless since we compare jpeg engines then, and now we have gone from talking accurate color reproduction to very subjective taste and preferences. If one rely on jpeg engine Sony has not been the strongest in the past, that I'll give you. I would not know though since I haven't shot jpegs for over a decade. :-)

Bill Zidis's picture

I never shot jpegs until i switched to fuji...They are that good...especially for portraits and weddings,ready to go with only minor fixes like straighten the images

Keith Meinhold's picture

In a blind test even Canon users preferred the colors from Sony over others.

Bill Zidis's picture

I saw that video and it's funny

Keith Meinhold's picture

it demonstrates that Sony has the best color science for the majority of photographers by a wide margin.

Chad Andreo's picture

Bill Zidis Be careful making comments like that around this part of the internet. “Most” people that defend Sony mirrorless colors don’t have much hands on experience with other brands.

Also, if you’re a hybrid shooter, none of these cameras can shoot raw natively, which greatly impacts the colors when shooting video.

Bill Zidis's picture

I believe the a7R3 or even the A3 is better camera in specs and image quality than my Fuji's but i tested them one week and i didn't like the handling and the ecosystem. I'm not a hater,i appreciate every company

Paul Lindqvist's picture

That's fine that personal preference, but claiming Sony has messed up colors without any references to back it up is kind of pointless.

As for Chad's assumption that Sony shooters have no experience with other brands.. well that says more about him than anything else...

Bill Zidis's picture

Everything is personal anyway,i chose a camera system over the other because according to what i believe is better for me and my needs. Doesn mean there are bad cameras and good. You gain something you lose something

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Correct color reproduction shooting raw with a GMB can, of course, be objective. but the test needs to be controlled to draw any conclusion. Such as shooting raw, same raw converter, lens, etc.

Comments like Sony colors are bad or messed up are just pointless and ignorant at best. (I realize your comments was not meant as such, so I'm not counting you)

There are so many factors that come into play when we start to talk color rendition, which I bet the majority that spout of these kinds of comments really has no clue about.

In the end, as you state, we choose the tools that work best for us and our needs. Happy shooting!

Chad Andreo's picture

Paul Lindqvist I said “most” Sony fanboys haven’t had much experience with other brands with proper color science and management. You fanboy-ism says more about you than my statement.

It you need any references, look at any review from any respected photographer or filmmaker and they all say the same thing. The Sony specs and AF are amazing, but their color and ergonomics are lacking on their mirrorless offerings.
No company currently makes the perfect camera. With photographs, it’s not as bad since you can manipulate their raw photos more than their compressed video codecs.
IMO, anyone saying otherwise is in denial.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Yeah Chad, you have to excuse me, but I'd take my own experience as well that of the DP's I've worked which has shot with everything from Sony mirrorless to, Alexas and RED's. I'd take that over you generalization and assumptions.

Keep calling every differing opinion fanboyism, if that floats your boat.

Chad Andreo's picture

Unfortunately I think that you are the one thats assuming. And likewise, everything I said is based on experience.

I shoot with Red cameras, c300 II and the Sony FS7 regularly and the Alexa Mini occasionally. My daily cameras are my 1Dx II and 2 Fuji XT3’s. I sold all of my Panasonic GH5 and canon bodies except the 1Dx II after testing out the Fuji system. It’s an amazing piece of gear especially for the price. We also have 2 Bmpcc 4K cameras in house.

I did gave Sony mirrorless cameras test runs on numerous occasions, but couldn’t stand the feel of the camera nor the colors for non-stylized edits.

I am a DP and colorist who happens to be a color nazi. Everything I said is just my unbiased opinion based on my experience in this industry.

I was a Canon fanboy, but I try to not have biased opinions, but instead one based on hands on experience and not based on forum comments and YouTube reviews by people with biased or views paid on sponsorships.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Unbelievable... " camera is better than yours..." Seriously guys, how old are you? It's an article about the Japanese market. Yes, Sony sold more cameras. That's it. Everything else is Kindergarden.

And btw, every brand has it's pros and cons

Alik Griffin's picture

But, but, but the Nikon Z6 was the best selling camera with two buttons on the front next to the mount with a dedicated photo /video switch. The Canon EOS R was the best selling full frame mirrorless camera with a multifunction touch bar with high bitrate 4k video and a flippy screen. The Sony A6400 was the best selling magnesium body camera with a range finder style EVF and single card slot. The Fujifilm X-T3 was the best selling APS-C mirrorless camera with a soft shutter release button that also has a dedicated shutter ISO and shutter dial.
Canon had the most combined TOTAL camera sales in Japan.

Vaidotas Darulis's picture

Sony is also visually very appealing, A7 designs are so well balanced. Love it. I think that attracts consumers as well as they are all great cameras anyway.

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