The State of Washington Announces Photo Studios Can Reopen in June, Releases Guidelines

The State of Washington Announces Photo Studios Can Reopen in June, Releases Guidelines

The State Governor of Washington has outlined advice for professional photographers who are looking to re-open their studios and return to work. The guidelines come as the state begins its plan to return to life before COVID-19.

Governor Jay Inslee has now published the first set of guidelines from any government authority in the US, and aims to provide direction to those looking to safely begin to arrange photoshoots. It’s all part of a 4-phase plan from the State addressing the manner in which non-essential services should operate. It’s currently estimated most kinds of photographers in Washington will be able to begin working from June 1st.

The requirements of photographers and studio owners in the area will include “frequently sanitiz[ing]” any props, one subject in the studio at any time, and preferentially shooting as many clients as possible outdoors instead.

The rules seem rational and something most people involved would likely adhere to anyway, so as to be cautious. Of course, productions may run slower than usual, but if it’s the beginning of a return to normality, it can only be welcomed.

You can see the full document over at the Washington Governor’s website.

Would you conduct a shoot under the outlined conditions?

Lead image by NeONBRAND via Unsplash.

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Anything more than a headshot or product photography without a client present will be impossible indoors. If the studio is big enough how about 6ft of social distancing with masks?

Why would it be impossible? Just tether and transmit the images to the client in another room or something, no?

The few shoots I did I spaced out clients, instead of one every 30 minutes I scheduled 1 hour each, so they wouldn't cross paths and I had time to clean everything.

Went well. But were mother's day shoots and I haven't had anything since...

That was very thoughtful and good business practices. Im sure your clients were pleased with your planning!

I’m sorry you haven’t had business in a while but you’ll get thru it! I believe in you!

I actually do this and started last week. It works well and clients are just delighted to get their projects done. I have been shooting product and business headshots. No issues.

What I do is send an invoice before they show up that they need to pay to book a session. I then send a gallery of images for them to pick from and send an invoice for images added beyond the original order. I retouch and send the images via whatever method they prefer (Dropbox, Hightail, ShootProof etc.)

Has been very stress free.

Sounds promising!