[Tips] 4 Hidden Tricks for Simple Shooting with Your iPhone

Sharon Vaknin, Associate Editor over at Cnet.com, runs us through 4 clever yet simple iPhone feature that many of you may not know about. If you want to know how to use your headphones as a remote shutter trigger, how to easily crop shots in camera, how to apply the rule of 3rds or how to lock your focus and exposure, then watch this quick video.

via [ISO1200][CNet]
From Kenn:
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Javi's picture

great! I didnt know about the AE/AF Lock, and neither about the ability to use the headphones!!

Kenn Tam's picture

Me neither.

Chad Matthew Moi's picture

I wouldn't mind taking lessons from her at all...

James's picture

Can you shot weddings with this phone ?

Tom Coles's picture

I can see the headset volume button thingy to fire the camera being very handy.

Anonymous's picture

There's one thing she didn't mention - when you take a screenshot of a cropped photo, it saves it in far lesser quality than the original one.

Matt Michand's picture

Her comment about the rule of 3rds show's she's completely ignorant of any rules of composition.