Two Free Books on Street Photography

Two Free Books on Street Photography

Photographer Thomas Leuthard just published a second free book about street photography called "Collecting Souls… What Street Photography means to me". That and "Going Candid... An unorthodox approach to Street Photography" can be downloaded as PDF documents by clicking on their covers below. Truth is I haven't looked at these books yet... I need you guys to check them out and tell me if they're worth the time to read or not. :P
"Collecting Souls..."
My second eBook about Street Photography.
While the first book was about the basics,
this book is more advanced and contains a
lot of personal thoughts and ideas. I tried
to explain what Street Photography means
to me and how I see it. It contains more
than 30 short chapters about the different
areas and topics of street photography. It
should help beginners to understand the
process of making story telling photos and
to improve your personal style as a street
photographer. Together with the first book
it will be a good reference for anyone who
wants to become a street photographer.

"Going Candid..."
A book about street photography in the
digital age. Forget what you know about
street photography and read how Thomas
Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with
his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on
how to approach people, getting closer to
them and get the best out of you street
experience. His workflow starts without a
camera and ends in the galeries of this
World. It's not about the Decisive Moment
or how you setup your camera. It's more
about the approach of getting a success-
ful street photographer who will build a
successful community around the World.
It's all about sharing and socializing. You
will be taken to a journey through the big
cities of this World looking into the eyes
of strangers. Candid is the key word and
you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned
for an exclusive book which will change
your life as a street photographer...

via [Leica Rumors]
From Kenn:
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Paul Koziorowski's picture

Nice. Thank you for sharing

Meiji Love's picture

can't download it. dunno why, the link just opens up and displays nothing. :(

Kenn Tam's picture

If for some reason a straight up click isn't working for you, then right click and "save as".

Costa Gromov's picture

same here
right click + save as didn't work either

Got the same problem a while ago. And was going to post the same comment. But the link worked and i'm reading the book now. Great book! Thanks for sharing sir Kenn :)

Ì read 'Going Candid' last week. Quite a few of the author's pictures are well worth your time, and compensate for the sometimes slightly not so fluent English. I think the book isn't too well structured and not a definitive guide to street photography, but it brings up some interesting points and will actually help you get started and set you on the right track. I like how the author thinks gear and 1000 lenses aren't so important, he actually encourages using just 1 or 2 primes and simple cameras. I don't like the author's approach to street photography, that is, sticking his camera in someone's face without asking, then walking away acting as if nothing happened. I can imagine though it yields better results, but I prefer at least saying thank you or a little smile or nod. I didn't really dig the part on marketing, since the author considers fame on Flickr to be the main goal. However, in spite of the cons, what are we talking about, it's a free e-book with great pictures and some helpful advice. Download it :)

well said sir :)

Spot on review

Shannon Wimberly's picture

when you think about it, his approach is probably why he get the results he does.... doesnt give the subject time to pup on their fake face..... 

Will read, thanks for sharing,enjoy shooting candids, did a little pool photography at our local swimming baths the other day.

Nick Thomas's picture

Thank you for these! :)

John Maxwell's picture

Thanks for these guys, will definitely have to give them a read.

Arrogant. From the misappropriation of the "like a box of chocolates quote on page 2 of 'Going Candid' to "I'm not interested in the history of street photography or the old masters",  Mr. Leuthard babbles on about his "more than two years of experience".  Don't waste your bandwidth. The images are unremarkable, the writing is arrogant and not very informative. The author offers nothing new or particularly insightful.

At least the books are FREE. It may be nonsense to you but for others its not :)

Henning Nilsen's picture

Thank you for providing something much more substancial ...oh wait

Agree! I don't mind the results, but if I have to use his approach to get these, no thanks. Invasive is the word. If you want to impress me, get similar results while being a socially decent person. He the "bad tourist" everybody hates.
I like the results though.

Jide Odukoya's picture

I really enjoy street photography...thanks for sharing!...check out my blog here for African street photography:

Proper cool Jide! Great colours. You should try to not remain in your elevated position though and shoot less landscape-style and more street-style, some faces from the front would be cool, maybe less fruits and vegetables ;) It's hard I know.

Jide Odukoya's picture

Yea...thnaks Bram Berkien. You shooting people front the front showing their faces might be at time infringing into people personal life and then showing them online...I will try and work on them anyway. thanks mate.

I enjoyed looking at them Jide. Thanks for sharing.

Great Sharing!..thanks so much!

JaviER's picture

great! thanks for sharing!! tweeting this link too!! 

Shannon Wimberly's picture

i had problems with the links on the covers... I found the downloads elsewhere:

Man.. The links don't work anymore :[

I get "Error 404. Object not found" on both.

Thomas' books are still online at his new site!

I wish that when I clicked on the cover it would actually download and not say link error..

Links are broken. Just saw this post today. Please update.

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